SGA confirms Dobbs’ appointees; Elects senate leadership

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association Senate confirmed President Collier Dobbs’ chief of staff and cabinet and swore in a new speaker of the Senate and secretary of the Senate on April 19-20.  

SGA chief of staff confirmed 

The SGA Senate unanimously confirmed President Dobbs’ chief of staff, Meghan Haran, on April 19. 

Haran said she looks forward to helping the president accomplish his platforms. She added that she had worked closely with Dobbs last year as the chief administrative officer under former President Madeline Martin while he was the vice president of external affairs. Haran was also Dobbs’ campaign manager for the 2023 spring election.  

Additionally, she said that her leadership positions on campus, such as being president of Zeta Tau Alpha’s Nu chapter and the director of public relations at UA End Overdose. 

“I … think many of my … leadership capabilities from other roles I’ve had on campus have given me the skills to really be able to communicate with a very wide group of diverse opinions from many different students,” said Haran.  

Dobbs said he chose her for this position because of Haran’s “work ethic, efficiency and ability to get things done fast,” adding that she will be able to disperse information quickly through his cabinet.  

“She’s a great middle role between my cabinet and myself and brings a lot of team atmosphere,” said Dobbs.   

Senate Confirms Dobbs’ Cabinet  

The Senate unanimously confirmed President Dobbs’ cabinet for the 112th SGA on April 20.  

The positions and their designates are as follows:  

  • Chief Advisor – Taryn Geiger 
  • Chief Administrative Officer – Caroline Mace 
  • Director of Communications – Adam Philippe 
  • Director of Engagement – Malea Benjamin 
  • Director of Programming and Advancement – Emily Kinsey 
  • Director of Environmental Affairs – Teegan Mathey 
  • Director of Strategic Initiatives – Allison Pope 
  • Webmaster – Katerina Werkhaven 
  • Attorney General – John Mclendon 
  • Deputy Chief of Staff – Chase Cowart, Cate Brownlee, Tyler Le 
  • Treasurer – Nick Tolbert 
  • Press Secretary – Sarah Beth Corona 

Senate Elects New Speaker and Secretary 

The Senate unanimously appointed Jack Rudder as speaker of the Senate and Jensyn Seay as secretary of the Senate on April 19.   

Rudder, a senator for the College of Engineering, said his time serving as chair of the Rules Committee in the 111th Senate prepared him for the role since it is “basically the same thing, but just with more people.”  

Seay, a senator for College of Arts and Sciences, said that serving as head of the Student Affairs Committee for the First Year Council provided invaluable experience in working with others.  

Senators Rudder and Seay replaced former Speaker Taryn Geiger and Secretary Olivia Frazier, respectively.