UA to add mid-semester study break Fall 2023

Maven Navarro, Staff Reporter

According to the University of Alabama’s academic calendar, starting fall 2023, the University will add a mid-semester study break, on Oct. 26-27, in addition to the full week for Thanksgiving break.  

Fall 2022 was the first semester since 2020, when the annual break was cancelled due to COVID-19, that students did not have a fall break. Students said the lack of a break before Thanksgiving last semester was exhausting. 

“I loved having fall break because [otherwise] you go from the start of school until Thanksgiving with nothing in between,” said Hayley Winslow, a senior majoring in biology. “You get spring break in the spring, but nothing in the fall.” 

The addition of fall break was received positively by most students who said this year’s fall semester was difficult due to the lack of breaks.  

“It will definitely give me the opportunity to step away and maybe visit my parents,” said Elizabeth Boyle, a sophomore majoring in public relations. “Last fall semester was really rough because there really was no break.”

Some out of state students said they do not believe that traveling home over fall break is a possibility, but are still excited to have a break from classes.  

“I live in Florida so I probably won’t go home for it,” said Kylie Junghams, a sophomore majoring in public relations. “I still think it will be a nice break from school because I feel like first semester we didn’t have a lot of breaks and it was hard to handle my life.” 

Along with the addition of fall break, the entire fall semester has been pushed back a week, with classes beginning Aug. 23 and the semester ending Dec. 15.  

“Like 2022, the academic calendar for the Fall 2023 Semester moves fall break from October to provide a full Thanksgiving week class break,” said Shane Dorrill, UA assistant director of communications. “The University is always reviewing our academic calendars to provide students with the best opportunity for success, and we continue to be receptive to input.”