Schmitt agrees to vice president debate following Elections Board approval

Sarah Clifton, Staff Reporter

Josie Schmitt, candidate for executive vice president in the upcoming SGA election, accepted opposing candidate Elizabeth Prophet’s challenge to debate. 

Following Prophet’s initial challenge on Monday, the Elections Board notified candidates by email around 1 p.m. on Feb. 21 that they would be willing to provide time and space for debates in any contested executive election role if more than one candidate was interested in participating in a debate. 

Schmitt formally responded to her opponent via email, which Schmitt provided a copy of to The Crimson White, on Tuesday. She wished Prophet well, and said that, in “respect for the democratic process and election guidelines,” she wanted to wait until the “necessary due diligence [by getting the Elections Board’s approval] was completed before giving a firm response.”  

Schmitt said that, since the Elections Board has offered to give the executive candidates the opportunity to debate if they want to as of Feb. 21, she wanted to confirm her interest in participating in a debate on Feb. 26 before the presidential debate. 

Additionally, Schmitt echoed Prophet’s sentiment that this debate would serve as a way to “express [their] dual commitment to the Capstone and Student Government Association,” and that she hopes the “exchange of ideas” will be “informative and constructive” and result in a “greater understanding of each other’s perspectives.” 

At the time of publication, the Elections Board has not made any concrete announcement of when and where the vice-presidential debate will be held. Prophet’s initial challenge requested for the debate to occur before the presidential debate on Sunday, Feb. 26, at 6 p.m. in the Ferguson Theater.