Senator files appeal against SGA that calls for nullification of more than 30 acts

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

Tyler Tannehill, a senator for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, filed an appeal against the Student Government Association pleading to nullify 33 acts passed by the SGA from 2016 to 2021.  

The appeal comes after the SGA declared an act that required the posting of public Senate dockets unconstitutional last semester because the act did not require any “monetary allocations” and thus did not fit the definition of an act.  

Using this precedent, Tannehill argued previous acts passed without mandating monetary allocations should also be nullified.

The appeal is awaiting review until the next time the judicial panel convenes. 

The acts targeted by the appeal include an act establishing an SGA Academic Task Force and an act establishing Capstone Creed Week, among many others. 

“I have a responsibility to bring forward this Judicial Appeal because our SGA stepped way [out] of line for far too long,” Tannehill said in a statement to The Crimson White. “Rules cannot be broken, and there currently stands many unconstitutional Acts that have been enacted by the SGA.” 

Tannehill also said the SGA will sweep a “long line of clearly unconstitutional Acts” under the rug if the Judicial Board does not “interpret all other current acts” in the same way as the one requiring public Senate dockets.  

He also said he was concerned the Judicial Board might try to use the referendum that will appear on the SGA Spring 2023 election ballot to rule in favor of the SGA. The referendum is a constitutional amendment that changes the definition of an act to include a “project or initiative” alongside an allocation of the SGA budget funds.