SGA’s new DEI passport replaces certification program

Maven Navarro, Contributing Writer

The SGA launched a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Passport program, with more events aiming to include more students both on- and off-campus, replacing its award-winning certification program.  

With the implementation of the passport program this year, there is no longer SGA DEI Certification for organizations. Instead, if 50% plus 1 of an organization’s membership completes the passport, then the organization will receive recognition for its commitment to engaging in DEI at UA. 

About the new program

According to the SGA website, the revamped program requires participating students to engage in DEI by attending campus events of their choice in three categories: social enrichment, cultural exploration and educational engagement.  

“Through working with student organizations and the UA Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Passport Program allows students to partake in the education and cultural experience that they are interested in, rather than the SGA choosing the program or topic,” SGA Press Secretary Trinity Hunter said in a statement.  

In order to complete the passport, students must attend three events from each of the three categories. There is also an advanced passport option, where students can complete all of the basic requirements as well as an additional intentional training and two special programs.  

“This program focuses on Doing, Exploring, and Engaging in DEI and amplifies student voices as student organizations can host DEI Passport Events,” said Izzy Boyd, the SGA’s vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Event variety aimed at involving more students

Over 100 events from a variety of campus organization can count towards the passport, such as “Multi-Cultural Coffee Hour,” “Rainbow Talk,” and “Cinnamon Rolls Not Gender Roles.” The full list of events can be found on The SOURCE calendar or in SGA’s monthly student newsletter. .  

The addition of more events with different modes of delivery will make it possible for more students to participate, according to Boyd. 

“Previously, if a student had class or work from 6-7 on Wednesdays, they were not able to participate in the program,” Boyd said. “Now, there are ways for distance learners and students with scheduling challenges to engage in the SGA DEI Passport Program.”