Culture Pick: What the Culture Desk is wearing on Halloween

Zara Morgan, Contributing Writer

With October more than halfway over, the lingering question in people’s mind is what to dress up as for Halloween.  

Some people decide to take Halloween as the one night out of the year to really express their personality and who they are through their clothing. Dressing up for Halloween can also just be a fun night to spend quality time and make lasting memories with friends.  

If you need inspiration for what to dress up as this year, The Crimson White culture desk has compiled a list of different costume ideas to try out this Halloween.  

Makayla Daniel-Maxwell, a contributing writer, has decided to make her own costume and dress up as the Queen of Hearts from the book and movie Alice in Wonderland.  

“I found a black tutu and a puffy sleeve shirt at the thrift store, and I have a red corset with hearts on it and knee-high socks with hearts too. I’m making a crown out of playing cards,” Daniel-Maxwell said. I just wanted an excuse to wear a tutu and a crown.”  

A common thread this year among the culture desk is having different costumes for multiple events. Emma Margaret Thompson, a contributing writer, has two costumes this year. 

“One is Wednesday Addams from ‘The Addams Family’ and the other is Rory Gilmore from ‘Gilmore Girls,’” Thompson said. “I’m not sure which I will be on Halloween night but I’m going to multiple Halloween events so hopefully I’ll get the chance to wear both.” 

Thompson said she wanted to dress up as Wednesday Addams due to the simplicity of the costume and personality of the character.  

“I think she’s really odd and funny, and her costume isn’t too hard to put together,” Thompson said.  

Regarding dressing up as Rory, “Gilmore Girls” has been a show that Thompson recently discovered and will be able to have a matching costume with her friend.  

“For Rory, I just started watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ for the first time,” Thompson said. “All my friends love the show and so for a costume with my friend, I have a Chilton uniform to be Rory and she is going to be Lorelai.” 

Zara Morgan, a contributing writer, also has several costumes for this year’s Halloween.  

“I have three costumes that I’m planning on wearing that weekend,” Morgan said. “I’m planning on dressing up as a fairy one night, a Greek goddess and a Hawaiian tourist.”  

Morgan chose these costumes because she wanted to maximize the amount of costumes she could choose from without having to break the bank.  

“I bought fairy wings from the America’s Thrift, but the rest of the items come from borrowing from my roommate and items already owned in my closet,” Morgan said.  

Assistant culture editor Maddy Reda has opted to go a more financially and environmentally friendly route by thrifting for her Halloween costumes this year.  

“I have thrifted several statement pieces, as it allows me to get extra creative with my costume ideas and save money,” Reda said. “I have thrifted things for a space cowboy outfit, a flapper costume and ‘Emily in Paris.’” 

Valentina Mora Velasquez, a contributing writer, has decided to dress up as Daphne Blake from
“Scooby Doo.”  

My group of friends wanted to do a themed group costume and decided to do ‘Scooby Doo,’” Mora Velasquez said.  

Augustus Barnette, a staff reporter, has also decided to dress up for Halloween this year.  

“This year for Halloween I’m dressing up as a Playboy bunny, much against my own wishes,” Barnette said. “It’s a group costume, so the friend who had the idea is Hugh Hefner, and the guys are the bunnies.”  

Whether dressing means just putting on a yellow T-shirt and overalls or going all out in an extravagant costume, there are plenty of options to choose from.