University residence halls holding energy conservation contest 

Alexis Waterworth, Contributing Writer

The Department of Energy Management is hosting an Energy Conservation Contest to incentivize students to reduce their water and electricity usage from Oct. 17 until Oct. 31. 

The department will post helpful tips on their social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram @UAenergymgmt where students can gain information and stay updated on the event. A similar competition was held in fall 2019.  

Delaney Lentz, the student marketing director of the Department of Energy Management, said the University will measure how much energy is being used and conserved via meters across campus.  

“The Department of Energy Management utilizes meters to monitor energy usage across The University of Alabama. … This data has been compiled into an Energy Dashboard on the official UA website, in which anyone with a myBama account can view our findings at any time,” Lentz wrote.  

In order to ensure conservation efforts will be made, the Department of Energy Management will be providing one LED lightbulb — free of charge — to every resident who requests one, to reduce the energy being used by the residence halls’ current fluorescent and incandescent lightbulbs. Students can keep up to date on the status of the competition via social media pages or myBama. 

 Lentz said she hopes the event makes students consider their energy usage.  

“Working for The Department of Energy Management has made me much more conscious of my own behavior and inspired me to be less wasteful of energy,” Lentz said. “After implementing a few minor changes such as turning off any unnecessary lights, only running water when necessary, etc. These behaviors became a habit and I now do them subconsciously. Ideally, if students make simple efforts to participate in the competition, they will develop their own habits that save energy, and therefore benefit the environment.”  

Lentz said that the Department of Energy Management plans to continue holding conservation events throughout the year. 

Some students say the competition will be beneficial.  

Annie Fleisher, a freshman majoring in accounting and Lakeside West resident, said competition is an effective way for students to build habits.  

“It’s better to start taking action now rather than later when students will have their own utility bills,” Fleisher said.  

Thomas Price, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering and Lakeside West resident, said the event will be a benefit, especially if it is given proper attention.  

“The event will do well as long as it is publicized. A lot of UA events do not get enough recognition and therefore are not successful,” Price said. 

Price said he already contributes to conserving energy by “taking conscious efforts every day to reduce [his] carbon footprint,” and he hopes the contest may help his friends learn to reduce their carbon footprint as well.