Pike fraternity receives interim suspension, members removed from house for standards violations

Reghan Bailey, Contributing Writer

The Gamma Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha — popularly known as Pike — was given an interim suspension by its international fraternity. Multiple individual members of the fraternity were suspended and evicted from fraternity housing for standards violations.   

It is unclear when the suspension began, and the international fraternity did not respond to questions asking if it is currently active. The international fraternity also did not clarify the definition of an interim suspension. 

The Gamma Alpha chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity has been at Alabama since 1924. The chapter has been in its house on the corner of University Boulevard and Second Avenue since 2010. 

The international fraternity suspended the Alabama chapter after finding violations of the International standards during a recent visit, according to Shane Dorrill, assistant director of communications for the University. Dorrill did not specify the date of the visit.  

A statement from Justin Buck, the executive vice president of Pi Kappa Alpha International, said that the fraternity’s national organization is working with the University “to hold these individuals accountable.” 

“Pi Kappa Alpha is committed with the reconstituted membership to ensure accountability of its members, uphold the values of the International Fraternity and provide a positive impact on the University of Alabama and broader Tuscaloosa community,” Buck said.  

The public statements by the University and the fraternity’s international organization came after a Greek life parody Instagram account, @oldrowcrimsontide, posted a photo on Oct. 17 of a notice terminating a PKA member’s housing agreement. 

“The local PIKE house corporation evicted numerous members from the chapter facility for violating their lease terms, which included provisions for upholding Fraternity Standards,” Buck said. 

Dorrill said that a student conduct review had been opened regarding individual members, but would not share further details, citing privacy reasons. 

The University’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life sent the same response as Dorrill when contacted for comment. 

Some in the campus community have begun advocating for the removal of the chapter in its entirety. 

 A Change.org petition was started to call for Pi Kappa Alpha’s removal from campus altogether.  

“The purpose of this petition is to get them kicked off for good, they also recently just terminated about half of their members due to violent acts,” the Change petition read. 

The petition currently has 278 signatures, with a goal of 500.  

The Gamma Alpha chapter president, Bobby Kunz, did not respond to requests for comment on the suspensions.