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After 4 years, one question holds its sway over me: have you done enough?

Will Tucker April 24, 2013

I remember studying pollution once in third grade as part of a big lesson on ecosystems and the environment. I remember it because, right in the middle of my teacher’s lesson about how much trash we...

Righting the ship: the paper’s first step

Will Tucker March 20, 2013

The Crimson White often holds those in our campus community to a high standard of transparency. We can – and should – do no less when it comes to our own staff. The work of one deliberately deceitful...

Vice President Joe Biden, civil rights leaders gather in Selma to commemorate 48th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’ march

Will Tucker March 4, 2013

SELMA, Ala. — Vice President Joe Biden and other civil rights leaders decried the Supreme Court’s recent examination of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act at events held to mark the 48th anniversary...

Local journalist details problems of living in poor Black Belt of Alabama

Local journalist details problems of living in poor Black Belt of Alabama

Will Tucker February 28, 2013

John Allan Clark wouldn’t cuss as long as the recorder was on. That is, until the 30-year old Marion, Ala., native couldn’t explain the problems Alabama’s impoverished Black Belt region faces with...

OPINION: In regard to offensive language in today’s Crimson White

Will Tucker February 28, 2013

Today, you may read a story under my byline on the front page of our print edition that uses offensive language. Because of its offensive nature, an explanation for its use is necessary—much in the same...

The CW Valentines Day playlist on Spotify

The CW Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify

Will Tucker February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day arrives each year bringing a slew of emotions. For those who don't like the holiday all that much, we've made this playlist.

I am Will Tucker, editor-in-chief of the CW. AMA

I am Will Tucker, editor-in-chief of the CW. AMA

Will Tucker January 14, 2013

When I became editor, I envisioned a Crimson White more engaged with its community. I wanted to build a Crimson White that had the ability to pull students together and make things happen. I believe it’s...

Australian PM Julia Gillard Skypes Jesse Williams

Australian PM Julia Gillard Skypes Jesse Williams

Will Tucker January 9, 2013

The Australian head-of-state called Williams Wednesday. [View the story "Australian Prime Minister Skypes Jesse Williams to congratulate him on Tide's BCS win" on Storify]

Guy Bailey steps down from office of President of University

Will Tucker October 31, 2012

UA President Guy Bailey announced today through a campus-wide email that he would be stepping down from his post as the University president. “Today I have notified Chancellor Witt that I am stepping...

Tweets collected from Oct. 22 Presidential Debate

Tweets collected from Oct. 22 Presidential Debate

Will Tucker October 22, 2012

[View the story "#UADecides - Election 2012 " on Storify]

Swing state absentee voter registration information

Will Tucker September 30, 2012

Follow these links for more information on registering to vote absentee in Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina.

Watch Live: Guy Bailey media availability at 10 a.m. on Sept. 4

Watch Live: Guy Bailey media availability at 10 a.m. on Sept. 4

Will Tucker September 3, 2012

Guy Bailey has taken over officially as the president of the University of Alabama, and will address the media at 1o a.m. on Tuesday morning. Check back on this post for a video recap of the press conference...

Crimson White fortunate not to be Red and Dead

Will Tucker August 22, 2012

Welcome to your free, editorially independent student newspaper. Every production night, and whenever breaking news happens, all of our content is produced for the students of The University of Alabama...

Wilkins charged with attempted murder 12 hours after shooting

Will Tucker July 18, 2012

Nathan Van Wilkins, 44, has been charged in two shooting cases that injured 18 people, including three University of Alabama students, in Northport and downtown Tuscaloosa overnight Monday. He is being...

Police arrest Temerson Square gunman

Will Tucker July 18, 2012

When he allegedly opened fire in a Northport residence around 11:47 p.m. Monday, Nathan Van Wilkins, 44, of Northport started a 12-hour ordeal that would leave 18 people injured and end with 18 counts...

Seventeen confirmed injuries in Temerson Square shooting; three UA students injured

Seventeen confirmed injuries in Temerson Square shooting; three UA students injured

Will Tucker July 17, 2012

Seventeen people arrived at Druid City Hospital with injuries related to a shooting that occurred around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday near 4th Street and 23rd Avenue, according to DCH spokesman Brad Fisher. Authorities...

Who is Guy Bailey? YouTube videos featuring UA’s new president

Will Tucker July 6, 2012

  The University of Alabama Board of Trustees has invited Guy Bailey, the current president at Texas Tech University, to interview with them for the UA president job on Wednesday. But who is this Guy?...


Will Tucker July 2, 2012

Open publication - Free publishing - More newspaper

Print edition: June 20, 2012

Will Tucker June 20, 2012

Open publication - Free publishing

Print Edition – June 6, 2012

Will Tucker June 6, 2012

Open publication - Free publishing

Use your voice, and The Crimson White is at your service

Will Tucker April 25, 2012

Today’s Crimson White bears almost no resemblance to the Crimson White Victor Luckerson inherited two years ago. He led a team of the most talented, dedicated and loyal people I can imagine and with...

TPD to continue search for UA student missing in Black Warrior River

Will Tucker April 6, 2012

Tuscaloosa police at the Bama Belle Riverboat dock confirmed late Thursday night that a UA student had gone overboard and was still missing earlier in the evening. "At 9:50 p.m. we received a call that...

UA launches meme campaign to improve image

UA launches meme campaign to improve image

Will Tucker March 30, 2012

Several weeks after Bama Memes clogged students’ Facebook feeds with incorrectly-used meme jokes, the Office of University Relations has released several memes of its own in an attempt to better relate...

Top 5 sources for severe weather coverage

Will Tucker March 2, 2012

In a poll on The Crimson White's Facebook page, several students sounded off on their preferred source of by-the-minute storm coverage. As the severe weather over Alabama continues into the night, the...

Social media week in review: Feb. 6 to Feb. 12

Will Tucker February 12, 2012

[View the story "Social Media Week in Review Feb. 6th - Feb. 12th" on Storify]

New Orleans bar welcomes Bama fans

Will Tucker January 7, 2012

The Superdome won’t be the only venue in New Orleans ringing with “Yea Alabama” and the rest of the Crimson Tide’s fight songs on Monday. Across town, several hundred Bama fans will pack into The...

Swinson talks voting blocs, but not Machine

Swinson talks voting blocs, but not Machine

Will Tucker November 22, 2011

  SGA President Stephen Swinson said that no voting bloc on campus has influence over the current SGA administration. Swinson never directly referenced the Machine, a secret political coalition of traditionally...

SGA Executive speaks out against Machine

Will Tucker November 16, 2011

SGA Vice President for Student Affairs David Wilson first heard about the Machine, a secret political coalition of traditionally white fraternities and sororities at the University of Alabama, even before...

Baltimore Sun: Lil Wayne, Condoleezza Rice, others confirmed as attending Alabama vs. LSU

Will Tucker November 5, 2011

The Baltimore Sun reported Friday that rapper Lil Wayne, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, country music singer Kenny Chesney and others will be in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama-LSU football game...

SGA irregularities included changing GPAs

Will Tucker November 1, 2011

The irregularities in the selections process for the SGA First Year Council included the altering of applicants’ grade point averages by SGA officials, according to SGA officers involved with the investigation....

Social Media week in review: Oct. 17 through Oct. 23

Will Tucker October 24, 2011

[View the story "Week in Review 10/17-10/23" on Storify]

Not Isolated marchers share the experience on Twitter

‘Not Isolated’ marchers share the experience on Twitter

Will Tucker October 19, 2011

For more details, read The Crimson White's preview of the march here. [View the story "Not Isolated march reaction on Twitter" on Storify]

Social Media week in review: Oct. 10 through Oct. 16

Social Media week in review: Oct. 10 through Oct. 16

Will Tucker October 17, 2011

[View the story "Week in Review 10/10-10/16" on Storify]

Social media week in review: Sept. 26 to Oct. 2

Social media week in review: Sept. 26 to Oct. 2

Will Tucker October 3, 2011

Follow the popular campus hashtags #uachat and #uatweet through the week. Tweet this post if you're featured in this week's review. [View the story "Week in Review 9/26-10/2" on Storify]

Swinson hopes for clean slate

Swinson hopes for clean slate

Will Tucker September 27, 2011

The first business day of the Stephen Swinson administration, according to the new president, was hectic as the Student Government Association attempted to move on with regular business after the resignation...

Social Media Week in Review: Sept. 19 through Sept. 25

Will Tucker September 25, 2011

[View the story "9/19- 9/25 Week in Review" on Storify]

Barriers still stand in sorority rush process

Barriers still stand in sorority rush process

Will Tucker September 14, 2011

The first headlines in newspapers across the country on Sept. 11, 2001 didn’t come from New York City. Before four airliners changed course and changed history, one of the top national stories that day...

Social Media Week in Review: tracking #uachat and #uatweet through the week

Will Tucker September 1, 2011

[View the story "Twitter in review: tracking #uachat and #uatweet through the week" on Storify]

Interactive Map: renovations on campus

Will Tucker August 31, 2011

View University of Alabama Construction and Renovation Plans in a larger map

Protocol ignored in block seating

Will Tucker August 30, 2011

The chair of the SGA block seating committee has made several decisions without the consent of other committee members. Emails obtained by The Crimson White reveal Mckenzie Jones conducted the block seating...

Bama Theatre to show variety of films

Bama Theatre to show variety of films

Will Tucker August 29, 2011

  When students are looking for movies with plots that are a little out of the ordinary, such as a girl who sleeps with men to change their political opinions or a boy who tries to save his parents marriage...

UA Day of Remembrance, as told by social media

UA Day of Remembrance, as told by social media

Will Tucker August 29, 2011

[View the story "UA Day of Remembrance" on Storify]

UA reaches out to affected students

Will Tucker May 16, 2011

The UA Division of Student Affairs began calling students living in areas affected by the April 27 tornado last week as part of Project Reach Out, an attempt to connect with students after the storm, according...

Twitter played key role in days following tornado

Will Tucker May 8, 2011

ABC 33/40 weatherman James Spann would have you know he’s no genius—he just had an idea that worked. Spann, a self-proclaimed social media geek, said he did indeed start the Twitter hashtag “WeAreAlabama.”...

EMA: Credentialing volunteers to begin Saturday

Will Tucker May 4, 2011

The Tuscaloosa Police Department is starting to turn away volunteers who don’t have a clearly defined mission in most affected areas. However, those with a clear mission don’t necessarily need a wristband...

Department chairs check in with students

Will Tucker May 3, 2011

On Monday, the City of Tuscaloosa provided a missing persons list—the first of its kind from the city since the storm on April 27 tore through the area. “I don't think we can get this list all the...

FEMA on the ground in Alabama

Will Tucker April 30, 2011

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s first wave of responders is on the ground in areas across Alabama, according to FEMA spokesperson Tim Tyson. The second wave, Tyson said, is currently being...

Greeks organize relief efforts

Will Tucker April 30, 2011

The Delta Kappa Epsilon Psi Chapter on the University of Alabama campus began asking for frozen foods—anything that can be baked, heated, or cooked—from other fraternity houses and the community to...

Find out how to help in aftermath

Will Tucker April 29, 2011

For a comprehensive list of opportunities to volunteer or offer aid in Tuscaloosa, visit Hyden, Communications and Development...

Power slowly returns to Tuscaloosa

Will Tucker April 28, 2011

An estimated 38,000 Alabama Power customers in the Tuscaloosa area are still without power, said Fredey Padilla, director of external affairs for the Western Division of Alabama Power. In Alabama Power's...

Saban, Community Service Center address student volunteers

Will Tucker April 28, 2011

Word of mouth and social media led about 300 volunteers, including Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, to the Ferguson Plaza at 10 a.m. Thursday, despite the fact that no official University meeting...

UA public erections face stiff scrutiny

UA public erections face stiff scrutiny

Will Tucker April 1, 2011

The University plans on continuing its campaign to cleanse campus of explicit images and landmarks, according to University sources. “Many people find several of our historic landmarks just plain offensive,”...

UA Robotics team places high in Hardware competition

Will Tucker March 24, 2011

Seven UA engineering students placed 13th out of 50 teams at the IEEE SoutheastCon Hardware robotics competition on Mar. 20, according to team member Chris Millan. According to a UA news release, the...

Swinson aims to assist VPs

Swinson aims to assist VPs

Will Tucker February 27, 2011

Current Vice President of Student Affairs and candidate for Executive Vice President Stephen Swinson said he wants to take more of a managing role over the vice presidents in the SGA office. “I can...

National president of Delta Tau Delta apologizes to Zimmerman

Will Tucker February 7, 2011

The national president of Delta Tau Delta formally apologized to Justin Zimmerman Monday for a fraternity member’s use of a racial slur to address him Friday afternoon, according to a release from the...

President’s e-mail message receives mixed views

Will Tucker February 7, 2011

In the wake of the campus-wide e-mail directly from University President Robert Witt, students turned to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook as rumors spread Saturday about the events surrounding...

Witt addresses racial incident in campuswide email

Will Tucker February 5, 2011

In a rare occurrence, University President Robert Witt addressed students, faculty and staff in a campuswide email sent Saturday afternoon. The message addressed a racially charged incident that occurred...

Students approve SGA constitution

Will Tucker February 2, 2011

The UA student body passed the Student Government Association’s rewritten constitution 92.28 percent to 7.72 percent in a referendum vote Tuesday. The vote capped months of work and compromise by members...

Constitution grants senate more power

Will Tucker January 28, 2011

The senate would get more power over the other branches of the Student Government Association under the new constitution, and will need to use that power quickly to answer a few big questions left from...

Homecoming takes over UA

Will Tucker October 8, 2010

Homecoming week will start Sunday afternoon on Capstone Drive and end Saturday on the field in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Between Sunday’s Roll Tide Run, which starts at 2 p.m. at Capstone Drive, and the...

Attorney general speaks on Mockingbird 50th

Attorney general speaks on ‘Mockingbird” 50th

Will Tucker September 21, 2010

Shane Sharpe’s voice reflected the Honors College dean’s excitement about the event’s keynote speaker before Tuesday’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” 50th Anniversary Celebration at the UA Law School....

SGA offers ‘Ride with the Tide’

Will Tucker September 19, 2010

If a resolution proposed Thursday afternoon passes, UA students and organizations will have the opportunity to hitch a ride with the Student Government Association to the LSU-Alabama football game on Nov....

Constitution Revision Committee tackles SGA Constitution

Will Tucker September 2, 2010

After the SGA Senate’s comprehensive review and overhaul of the SGA Code of Laws near the end of the 2009-10 academic year, the SGA has driven into a second, larger initiative to start the 2010-11 year...

Class sizes grow over the years

Will Tucker August 20, 2010

As the University continues to grow, so does students’ awareness of the growing pains—specifically in class sizes. “[The growth] has certainly pressed the limits,” said Larry Bowen, associate...

Student travels to the twin cities of Chile

Student travels to the twin cities of Chile

Will Tucker July 1, 2010

I now know what inspired Patagonia Co.’s logo. At five in the morning, flying into Santiago, the purple, blue, black and orange mountains stamped on all the clothing company’s products appeared just...

Seniors choose service over job market through Peace Corps, Teach For America

Will Tucker April 30, 2010

Natalie Latta refuses to stop learning after her graduation this May. She, like many other seniors, plans to challenge herself with something other than a paying job right out of college. She plans to...

SGA reforms football ticket sales

SGA reforms football ticket sales

Will Tucker April 26, 2010

This year, UA students looking to buy football season ticket packages won’t have to race 15,000 of their peers to acquire the tickets that sell out online in less than 75 minutes.  They’ll just have...

Senate sets salaries for new term

Will Tucker April 22, 2010

The SGA senate voted Thursday to approve the salaries of eight elected officials and 10 appointed members of the executive council, including the salaries of two new appointed positions to President James...

Students ‘take back the night’

Students ‘take back the night’

Will Tucker April 20, 2010

Students arrived on their own and in groups to the Women’s Resource Center’s “Take Back the Night” event Tuesday afternoon on the steps of the Crimson Promenade. Maria Perez-Fisher, Peer Education...

History professor to give ‘last lecture’

Will Tucker April 20, 2010

Lawrence Kohl, a UA history professor, has a distinct and unique sense of empathy that reaches back through history. Specifically, Kohl empathizes with those who know what needs to be said in society,...

Senate holds first meeting

Will Tucker April 8, 2010

A recently inaugurated Nicole Bohannon began her job as Executive Vice President Thursday night, calling to order a meeting of a new SGA Senate in the Ferguson Forum. New Senators packed the room, and...

The TOMS Model

The TOMS Model

Will Tucker April 8, 2010

The market is never wrong. Thursday, the footwear market made a clear statement essentially mandating more corporate social activism. Oh, capitalism, how you always pull through for the greater good. As...

Three steps out of poverty

Will Tucker April 1, 2010

Basic logic, some people say, proves that a community cannot tax its way out of poverty. Taxing poor people does no good, they say, because in the end, the amount of money changing hands in the form of...

Senate passes 100 bills, leaves out most real reform

Will Tucker March 30, 2010

The SGA Senate convened a special session Tuesday night in order to hold voting on major reforms to the SGA Code of Laws. The Senate passed all but eight of the measures, unanimously voting to pass most...

SGA Senate Proposes 108 Bills in Code of Laws Overhaul

Will Tucker March 25, 2010

SGA senators convened Thursday night to discuss 108 proposed bills, each amending different aspects of the SGA Code of Laws. The large number of bills represents the largest comprehensive review of the...

Props for Popular Referendums

Will Tucker March 25, 2010

Approximately 523,521 Californians signed a petition, presented Thursday, to put legalization of marijuana to a referendum vote in November. Props, California. Good job. Not necessarily because you,...

Mathews discusses lessons at UA

Will Tucker March 21, 2010

POINT CLEAR -- Wisdom and experience only add weight and class to former UA president David Mathews’ deep Southern drawl. What was once relevant in the world of peaceful deliberation, his attitude seems...

Buck the Alabama Republic, Part 2

Will Tucker March 11, 2010

Editor’s note: This is the second column in a two-part series. In the presence of a constitution that restricts local decision-making and centralizes power in Montgomery, Alabama’s citizens need to...

Officials, participants commemorate ‘Bloody Sunday’

Officials, participants commemorate ‘Bloody Sunday’

Will Tucker March 8, 2010

SELMA — George Smith has seen every March 7 since Bloody Sunday in 1965, when Alabama State Troopers attacked a peaceful march led by civil rights leaders on Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge. One Sunday,...

Buck the Alabama Republic, Part 1

Will Tucker March 5, 2010

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part series. POINT CLEAR – We live in a state that restricts local democracy. In Alabama, residents don’t see the everyday benefits of home rule, if they...

No candidate running for financial affairs

Will Tucker March 3, 2010

When students vote next week in the SGA elections, no name will appear on the ballot for the vice president of financial affairs. Edward Patton, who currently serves as treasurer for SGA, represented...

The Land of No Unions

Will Tucker February 26, 2010

Corporate influence and presence helps Alabama, and helps the South. Under no circumstances should our politicians stop trying to attract new businesses to spur our economy. Initiatives to bring new industry...

Senate meets to discuss resolutions

Will Tucker February 26, 2010

The SGA Senate convened a brief meeting Thursday night with only two resolutions and one bill on the agenda. The meeting, however, did not lack significant proposals. Senator Amanda Reyes’ proposal,...

Rec parking showing positive results

Will Tucker February 19, 2010

A new initiative to open up parking at the University Recreation Center has its first quantifiable data to illustrate its effectiveness, according to University officials. “This is doing nothing but...

Senate welcomes first year council, passes resolutions quickly.

Will Tucker February 19, 2010

Senators and First Year Council members filled the Ferguson Forum Thursday night as the SGA Senate convened its first joint session with the council, an SGA-affiliated contingent of freshmen. Formal business...

Experiment on us

Will Tucker February 19, 2010

Google “Google Fiber.” In about .18 seconds, you can read all you want about the future of the Internet and a few very lucky communities across America. Google’s plan makes sense. The California...

College student pitches new software

Will Tucker February 15, 2010

Thursday afternoon, Aaron Wasserman made a pitch to University administrators, technical support employees, and several First Year Council freshmen students. Via teleconference and long-distance screen...

3 killed in shooting at University of Alabama in Huntsville

Will Tucker February 12, 2010

“A woman opened fire in a biology faculty meeting at the University of Alabama Huntsville on Friday,” the Associated Press reported Friday afternoon. The shooter, still officially unidentified, killed...

Senate moves toward reform

Will Tucker February 12, 2010

The reformist tone established last week in the SGA Senate meeting carried over to Thursday night’s meeting as a united Senate unanimously passed reforms to the SGA Code of Laws. Senators voted on the...

Internet should remain neutral

Will Tucker February 12, 2010

Thursday was a key anniversary in Iran, and today is no different. First, on Feb. 11, 1979, the Shah’s regime fell in the face of the Islamic Revolution. In brutal street fights in the country’s...

Give NASA Back

Will Tucker February 5, 2010

Compare Obama to Carter, Kennedy, or even Reagan, if you must — but God forbid you compare him to Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, that comparison is all too appropriate this week, at least when it comes...

Lessons of another quake

Will Tucker January 15, 2010

An earthquake tore through the capital city, leveling most of it and killing thousands of inhabitants. The disaster displaced almost 50 times that number. Additionally, it left the capital with only 10...

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