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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Organization inhibits students’ individuality

Tarif Haque August 29, 2013

Predictably, we find ourselves back in Alabama, taking in the familiar sight of girls flocking to class in oversized pastel T-shirts and packs of boys striding the lawns of campus in crisp Polos, khakis...

High-stakes testing must end, we are more than scores

Tarif Haque April 18, 2013

You are a number, sitting amid other numbers, some higher, some lower. In a fleeting moment of barbaric clarity, you remind yourself that humans are animals, and as an animal, you will face competition....

Despite contrary claims, college must focus on learning

Tarif Haque March 21, 2013

There was something seductive about his philosophy. He told me he didn’t care much for a formal education, that his time could be better spent elsewhere, that he was here to get in and get out. This...

Despite e-book popularity, society still relies on paper

Tarif Haque March 7, 2013

I wonder how many trees died to circulate thousands of copies of this newspaper today. I imagine some tropical rainforest was bulldozed on the perimeter of the Amazon, as endangered rodents fled from...

Introverts shouldn’t deny themselves their own company

Tarif Haque February 21, 2013

“I hate it here,” he said to me candidly across the table. I asked him why. “I used to spend hours at home alone. I grew up on a farm. College is tiring.” The conversation was a depressing one....

Continue your gadgetry; computers will not take over the world

Continue your gadgetry; computers will not take over the world

Tarif Haque January 24, 2013

Have you heard the rumors? Fifty years from now, we will be fat, anti-social computer addicts. Ignore the gossip. Machines will not take over the world. Continue to use your gadgetry. In fact, I grow...

Nerd no longer negative

Nerd no longer negative

Tarif Haque January 10, 2013

I wasn’t particularly popular in grade school. Consumed with academics, I disengaged from the social hierarchy, not consciously, but because there were always other things to worry about. I floated around...

Culture, college results in ‘tug of war’

Tarif Haque December 4, 2012

Last weekend, a family friend invited us to her home. I entered the house as I would any other invitation of this sort. I took my shoes off and placed them near her door. She greeted me in Bengali, my...

Spending 10,000 hours on what you’re passionate about

Tarif Haque November 29, 2012

“Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness,” said Malcom Gladwell in his 2008 book “Outliers.” I read the book sometime in high school, when my interests varied and my passions had not...

‘Let’s sit for some time’

Tarif Haque November 20, 2012

Our yard is decaying again. The leaves have fallen – stripped from the skeletal trees that loom solemnly over our lawn. I sit on the front steps of the place I call home and survey our suburban neighborhood...

Irregularities in sleep patterns create unsettling feeling

Tarif Haque November 14, 2012

I don’t sleep at night. It’s a common annoyance – possibly chronic, sometimes tragic. I want to shut down but can’t. My thoughts will not be still. How do you stop thinking? It’s unclear what...

It’s time to find that thing called ambition

Tarif Haque November 7, 2012

You reflect on the time you’ve spent in college with cynicism. When the first cold night of fall settled on campus, you walked the streets in a hoodie, unseen in the dark, fading away. You thought about...

The argument for Obamacare

Tarif Haque October 23, 2012

The struggle for health care in America is a peculiar thing. The United States is one of the few educated, industrial nations that does not offer its citizens equal access to health care. Though Obama’s...

Beware the label: ‘social outcast’

Tarif Haque October 16, 2012

I knew Grace from high school. Back then, she trickled in and out of my life — mostly in school and sometimes out of school. Though we weren’t remarkable friends, we had mutual ones — but still,...

‘College has taught me the art of making trade-offs’

Tarif Haque October 9, 2012

On Sunday morning, I felt the pressure. Fall break had come to an end, and I found myself in that familiar state of mind. There were papers to write and tests to study for. My to-do list hung over my conscious...

Continuing the campus health care conversation

Tarif Haque October 2, 2012

Several weeks ago, I pointed out the merits of the Affordable Care Act and suggested health care is a natural right. I argued our nation should level the playing field for those who cannot afford health...

There’s nothing wrong with me: A case for introversion on a socialite campus

Tarif Haque September 25, 2012

I don’t know if I chose to be like this or if college made me like this. I come home to a single room every evening and pull out a planner that neatly lays out the week to come. It doesn’t feel right,...

Affordable Care Act vital to American health

Tarif Haque September 18, 2012

Her bones hurt. At 16, she checked into the local oncology clinic after school, awaiting the diagnosis. In the cruel aftermath, her family would receive several bills in the mail each month requesting...

Obamacare provides freedom in the relm of health, life

Tarif Haque September 10, 2012

My visits to doctors’ offices date back to childhood. Life and illness progressed parallel to one another. In my adolescent years, as the entrapped patient, I looked upon the world of medicine with cynicism,...

Religion a learned, necessary experience (??)

Tarif Haque August 27, 2012

I was raised in a Muslim family in Auburn. On Sunday mornings, my mother would wake my brother and me to Sunday school at the local Mosque right across from Auburn University. In every way, the religion...

Bama Dining’s pricey food worth the cost

Tarif Haque August 1, 2012

“My entire family of four doesn’t spend that much on food a year,” she told me. My friend had just graduated high school – she was talking about the Dining Plan the University will charge her come...

Different people learn in different ways

Tarif Haque July 18, 2012

Take a peek at the girl sitting next to you in class. Is she taking comprehensive notes with purpose? Does she set her pencil down every few minutes and watch the professor work a problem, or does she...

Computer scientists do more than just build computers

Tarif Haque July 11, 2012

At 17, I stood at a crossroads. After years of being “well-rounded,” the idea of majoring in one subject was new to me. I chose my major practically, settling on computer science, perhaps one of the...

The summer dream and actuality of boredom

Tarif Haque July 3, 2012

We all know the story. Yes, the one that has been happening since grade school, when school lets out, and suddenly, we turn into animals set free for summer vacation. Released from captivity, we survey...

Success is much more than grades, awards

Tarif Haque June 20, 2012

He sat at his desk wondering what he’d done to warrant this. His family had little money with which to send him to college. At night, he washed dishes at a burger joint, arriving home near midnight,...

Everyone has roots, and it’s about time we started talking about them

Tarif Haque June 13, 2012

I’m not sure when I realized I was neither white nor black, but it may have been in kindergarten when my friend Max asked me, “What are you?” Six years old, I told him I was “kind of Indian,”...

This summer, read the right way

Tarif Haque June 6, 2012

Every summer, when life comes to a standstill, and classes finish, we should all take some time to sit down, calm down and read a good book. I’m talking about the kind of book whose words settle in our...

The time for Renaissance men and women is over

Tarif Haque May 30, 2012

My freshman year, I wish someone told me that I am, in fact, not awesome, and contrary to what I may believe, I cannot do everything. Let me explain. In high school, I was taught to be “well-rounded.”...

Don’t stereotype Occupy Wall Street movement

Tarif Haque November 15, 2011

Some claim that Occupy Wall Street has been thus far a senseless spectacle of the jobless who break windows, push old ladies and leave cities in “shambles.” These stereotyped perceptions of Occupy...

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