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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Kami-Con impresses special guests

Kami-Con impresses special guests

Steven Nalley April 25, 2010

On Saturday afternoon at the Ferguson Center, just across the concourse from Starbucks, an area shrouded with black curtains was set aside for voice actor Vic Mignogna to sign autographs. A line of visitors,...

Everybody wants to be a critic

Steven Nalley April 21, 2010

I remember when I started reading The Crimson White as a freshman, and how the first section I would always flip to would be the entertainment section to read reviews of the latest movies, games, CDs and...

Kami-Con grows for second year

Steven Nalley April 21, 2010

The University’s own Japanese anime convention just keeps growing. Raymond Lenzner, a senior majoring in English, is president of the Bama SOS Brigade, which started holding the anime convention called...

Superhero satire kicks ass

Steven Nalley April 18, 2010

I remember how angry I was a little over a year ago at Zach Snyder’s “Watchmen” movie, primarily because I thought it was too violent. I was angry mainly because I was familiar with the “Watchmen”...

Students take advantage of sunshine

Students take advantage of sunshine

Steven Nalley April 14, 2010

The skies have been kinder to the Student Recreation Center’s outdoor pool this year. Zack Tolbert, UA assistant director of aquatics, said opening week at the pool last year brought more cold, more...

“Violet Hour” descends on Allen Bales

Steven Nalley April 13, 2010

“The Violet Hour” marks the second time director Matthew Burkholder has brought science fiction to the University’s theater program. In fall 2009, Burkholder, a graduate student in theater, directed...

Construction on 21st Avenue hurts business

Steven Nalley April 8, 2010

Joseph Fralic thought he knew what he was getting into. When The Tuscaloosa News reported that The Booth had gotten its overlay license for a new location downtown in January 2009, it also reported that...

Tuscaloosa to host state pageants

Steven Nalley April 7, 2010

Tuscaloosa has just become one of the select cities where the road to the Miss Universe pageant begins. On November 6-7, the Bama Theatre will host the Miss Alabama USA and Miss Alabama Teen USA pageants....

Rickman hosts Film Forum

Steven Nalley April 1, 2010

What’s the formula behind Tom Rickman’s success? How did Rickman become the screenwriter behind the Emmy Award-winning television movie “Tuesdays With Morrie” and the Oscar-nominated script for...

Druid City Arts Festival draws crowds

Druid City Arts Festival draws crowds

Steven Nalley March 28, 2010

CityFest has its successor, and it started out strong. The first annual Druid City Arts Festival was met with high attendance Saturday, bringing multiple bands and artists to the former CityFest lot by...

Druid City Arts Festival brings best of Tuscaloosa’s music, art

Steven Nalley March 24, 2010

On Saturday night, nobody under the age of 19 will be allowed at Brown’s Corner except for Elle Claytor, the bar’s first musical guest of the night. At 15 years old, Claytor, a student at Haleyville...

The risks and rewards of Chatroulette

Steven Nalley March 10, 2010

Almost every major advancement in the history of the Internet has carried both its risks and rewards. E-mail can be used to send either messages or viruses. Online shoppers might buy something rare, but...

Gaiman gives writing advice

Steven Nalley February 22, 2010

After Thursday’s event at the Bama Theatre, a few students got another chance to hear Neil Gaiman read and answer questions about writing one last time before the author of “American Gods,” “Coraline”...

Author reads at Bama Theatre

Steven Nalley February 19, 2010

Joey Oliver and his daughter Lydia Oliver drove about an hour and a half from Hayden, Ala., to see Neil Gaiman speak at the Bama Theatre Thursday night. At the beginning of the event, ushers picked up...

‘Rockstar of weird’ comes to Bama

Steven Nalley February 18, 2010

Neil Gaiman routinely puts up with the worst winter has to offer, and he welcomes a break from it. In a phone interview on Feb. 12 — the same day that two inches of snow fell on Tuscaloosa — Gaiman...

Valentine’s Day has something for everyone

Valentine’s Day has something for everyone

Steven Nalley February 11, 2010

Around every Valentine’s Day, moviemakers line up the brightest stars available in the hopes of creating the definitive movie date audiences everywhere will want to watch with their sweethearts. But,...

Campus Movie Fest attracts student directors

Steven Nalley February 5, 2010

In Hollywood, filmmakers often have months or even years to complete production. At the University of Alabama, Campus Movie Fest only gives student filmmakers one week. Campus Movie Fest culminated...

Students prepare to Rock the Runway

Steven Nalley January 21, 2010

Travis Mackey believes in exceptions to the common fashion rule, “Less is more.” Mackey, a senior majoring in apparel design, has created several ball gowns at least as long as they are tall for Rock...

“Human Target,” funny, thrilling, sometimes original

Steven Nalley January 20, 2010

I’m as happy as anyone else that J.J. Abrams succeeded at both making viewers happy and making viewers think with “Lost.” Thanks to him, intelligence on television isn’t quite as rare as it used...

New generation realizes the dream

Steven Nalley January 15, 2010

More than four decades have passed since the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. This time gap means younger generations have grown up without knowing the civil rights leader at the pinnacle of his time....

Competent vampire movie a surprise
Daybreakers shows signs of life, intelligence

Steven Nalley January 11, 2010

I can understand, at this point, why moviegoers who are weary of the undying vampire trend would be skeptical about “Daybreakers.” Yes, everyone is cashing in, and yes, people are buying. Certainly,...

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