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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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A lack of humanity breeds stress

A lack of humanity breeds stress

Sarah Howard October 11, 2016

This past week I was stressed out. Two weeks before that, I was stressed out. The week before that, well I’m sure you can see the pattern by now. As college students we tend to put ourselves under a...

Conservatives should consider Evan McMullin

Conservatives should consider Evan McMullin

Sarah Howard September 14, 2016

This election year has seemed to many to be a choice between two evils. The Republican and Democratic parties have never been so split before and with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the sponsored...

GMOs have the potential to ease strain on earth

Sarah Howard August 29, 2016

The world’s population is expected to increase by 2.3 billion people by the year 2050. This dramatic growth will require the production of 70 percent more food than we are able to cultivate now. Genetically...

Entitlement and animal abandonment

Sarah Howard May 1, 2016

I am a self-proclaimed animal enthusiast and I know that the “entitlement generation” is too. I love all things about pets and have contemplated getting one of almost every species, but I will be the...

Everyone is Irish

Sarah Howard April 5, 2016

Over spring break, I had the pleasure of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Savannah, Georgia, for one of the largest festivals in the country. I experienced an entire city come together to enjoy Irish...

The case for campus carry

Sarah Howard February 19, 2016

Everyone knows the saying “you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight.” I propose a more relevant and updated version: “Don’t be unarmed in case of an active shooter.” The same principle applies:...

Voting on the real issue: Obamacare

Sarah Howard February 5, 2016

It is simple economics that companies that lose money cannot afford many expenses, including employee salaries. When large companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama reported an estimated $109...

Straight outta nominations

Sarah Howard January 21, 2016

On Jan. 14, movie buffs and casual watchers alike checked to see if this could be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year to finally win an Oscar. In the 88th year of the Academy Awards, Leo received his fifth nomination,...

The speed of misinformation

Sarah Howard November 10, 2015

The World-Wide Web was invented in 1990, with Facebook first launched in 2004 and Twitter following two years later. The internet’s rapid advancement and the creation of social media has changed how...

Voter registration: the national picture

Sarah Howard October 28, 2015

Voting is one of the most important civic responsibilities we have as citizens of the United States. This duty is crucial to keep the government for the people and by the people, ensuring that this country...

Bring back Uber for student safety

Sarah Howard October 13, 2015

With midterms only just behind us, there have been almost as many UAPD Advisories this fall as there were during the entirety of last year. Most of these incidents occur when students are walking home...

Keeping college valuable

Sarah Howard October 1, 2015

Higher education is flaunted as the key to a successful future, and parents are pushing their children to pursue it more than ever. While college costs continue to climb (our own University of Alabama...

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