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See these movies

Peterson Hill April 20, 2010

In my opinion, these are 10 films that you must see before you die if you care anything about cinema or want to be in the conversation. These aren't the best films ever made, and there is a film here...

War films best when death respected

Peterson Hill April 13, 2010

As well as being a hardcore cinephile, I am a relatively big history buff. So, I’ve been happy to see the past couple Sunday nights on HBO bring the two together with the new miniseries, "The Pacific."...

Films can capture essences of decades

Peterson Hill April 6, 2010

Last fall, Jason Reitman's third film, "Up in the Air," was warmly greeted by critics and audiences. Reitman has made some good movies, but this is his finest film. Why? Because the movie is a portrait,...

Rickman shares screenwriting advice

Peterson Hill March 31, 2010

Pacing the dimmed interior and wearing corduroy pants and aged Converse Chucks, Tom Rickman held chorus to a band of cineastes and writers alike. Rickman, the Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of 1980’s...

Bay should stay away from classics

Peterson Hill March 30, 2010

Michael Bay could be single-handedly destroying Hollywood. I don't know if the Antichrist is real, but if so, Michael Bay is in competition. I know there was a legion of morons who thought that Barack...

“Hot Tub Time Machine” insightful, hilarious

Peterson Hill March 28, 2010

"Hot Tub Time Machine" is a movie about the slow recognition that life is better remembered than lived. The movie is about how three men look back with longing to a time in their youth when they had everything,...

Great biopics, music born from background

Peterson Hill March 23, 2010

What makes movies like musical biopics work? What makes them so accessible to audiences? Many of these stories come layered with ingredients and story arcs that make them easily conducive to film. Look...

No one captures teen years like Hughes

Peterson Hill March 10, 2010

When I was young, in the fruitful days of VHS, my family had a ripe selection of movies as good as they were bad. One, in particular, I remember with utmost curiosity. It was a movie that made the trip...

Oscars are close, but predictable

Peterson Hill March 4, 2010

A couple of my predictions won't necessarily be wins, but coronations. Christoph Waltz, Jeff Bridges and Mo'Nique might as well be given their awards on the red carpet to save time at the broadcast. For...

Oscars sometimes lead way for social change

Peterson Hill March 3, 2010

There have been some groundbreaking years at the Academy Awards. 2005 was surely memorable, with one of the first movie that ever became popular about homosexuality. 1968 is known as the moment new Hollywood...

Polanski marks discrepancy in treatment of scandals

Peterson Hill February 24, 2010

There is no filmmaker in the past few months who has been put in the media more than Roman Polanski, and it isn't because he has a new film coming out. Polanski was taken into custody in September at...

Martin Scorsese: the work of a master

Peterson Hill February 17, 2010

I remember the exact moment when I went from being an avid moviegoer to an outright cinephile. It was just after my 15th birthday, and my siblings had given me Roger Ebert’s “The Great Movies.” ...

‘Valentine’s Day’ drowns in star power

Peterson Hill February 15, 2010

Gary Marshall directed a wonderful romantic comedy once, a film that will probably go down as one of the most beloved of the genre. That film was "Pretty Woman," a darling little romantic comedy with one...

Bridges an Oscar contender in “Crazy Heart”

Peterson Hill February 12, 2010

Some movies are like watching two cars dancing dangerously close to each other on a highway. Scott Cooper's directorial debut, "Crazy Heart," is such a film. It is a dark voyage into the shadowy caverns...

Cameron breaks mold by bringing politics to his blockbuster

Peterson Hill February 10, 2010

This year's best picture race for the Oscars is arguably one of the closest in modern cinema. "Avatar" and "The Hurt Locker" are locked in a sparring match to take home the golden statue and be named the...

‘Dear John’ doesn’t live up to Sparks’ legacy

‘Dear John’ doesn’t live up to Sparks’ legacy

Peterson Hill February 8, 2010

Nicholas Sparks writes in the form of Greek tragedy. This isn't to say he reaches those heights, but merely to say that his stories seem predestined, because his characters enact predetermined fates. ...

The Golden Globes have become popularity contest

Peterson Hill January 21, 2010

I don't watch much TV. The Golden Globes for me have always been, and probably always will be, about film. Of course I was rooting for "Mad Men" and "Entourage," which by my estimations are the best shows...

The CW ranks the 10 greatest films of the decade

Peterson Hill January 14, 2010

Seeing as this is the first decade that I have been old enough to truly understand the power and impact of film, this was a difficult list to put together. In the end, though, this is a list of the films...

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