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Get angry while at UA

Get angry while at UA

Beth Lindly April 13, 2015

Truthfully, I have been thinking on and off about what to write for this column for two years – ever since I first came to work at The Crimson White – and I had no idea what to write for much of that...

Same-sex marriage uncertain

Same-sex marriage uncertain

Beth Lindly February 10, 2015

Throughout Alabama early Monday morning, same-sex couples lined up outside courthouses across the state. They all had one thing in mind: receiving marriage licenses.Monday was the first day same-sex marriage...

Film festival showcases student-made local films

Beth Lindly April 14, 2014

When the words “film festival” are brought up in conversation, the usual association is with Sundance, Cannes or South by Southwest. However, with The University of Alabama’s second annual Black...

Transgender group long overdue at UA

Beth Lindly March 19, 2014

There are more than 250 student organizations at The University of Alabama. There are more than 250 ways to get involved if you’re creative, if you’re athletic, if you just want to get to know other...

Tattoos should not affect perceptions of professional quality

Beth Lindly February 20, 2014

“Be yourself.” “Live your dreams.” “Follow your heart.” As Americans, we are daily bombarded with sayings and clichés reminding us to pursue that good old American dream of success and individuation....

Men should not dictate women’s fashion

Beth Lindly February 3, 2014

Peplum tops and dresses. High-waisted shorts. Dark lipstick. These are all topical fashion trends for women, yes, but more importantly, these are all fashion trends that men apparently hate. According...

Society’s intense obsession with Jennifer Lawrence has gone far enough

Beth Lindly January 15, 2014

Sunday night began the most wonderful time of year for me – awards season. The Golden Globes kicked off my favorite couple of months, and it delivered almost everything I love to see at an awards show:...

Use selfies as confidence, body image boosters

Beth Lindly November 26, 2013

Imagine, if you will, a variety of forms of self-help. You’re probably thinking of books, meditation or maybe therapy. While those are all very valuable ways to boost self-esteem, I am willing to bet...

‘Feminism’ should not be a dirty word

Beth Lindly November 12, 2013

Warning: This article contains offensive language. Not swear words or descriptions of explicit content – the word ‘feminism.’ It isn’t one of the traditional dirty words, but apparently, to a lot...

Internships favor students with wealthy backgrounds

Beth Lindly October 29, 2013

Alright, sophomores and juniors – it’s that time of the year again. No, not Halloween, not fall break, not even just autumn. It’s time to start looking and applying for internships. You thought...

Your interests should not be determined by others

Beth Lindly October 15, 2013

Hi, my name is Beth. I’m 20 years old and I like One Direction. I don’t hide it, and I’m certainly not ashamed of it. Their music makes me happy, and they’re all insanely attractive (don’t deny...

Cyrus criticism should look beyond showy, risqué performances

Beth Lindly October 1, 2013

First off, I’d like to offer a formal apology for deceiving you if you are reading this. If you’re anything like me, you probably looked at the kicker, saw it was not “greek life” or “integration”...

University needs bipartisan discussion from both sides, open minds

Beth Lindly September 17, 2013

You’ve heard the saying before – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link – we all have. We rolled our eyes in high school at the motivational posters lauding teamwork littering our teachers’...

City politics are not a UA sandbox

Beth Lindly September 3, 2013

Anyone on this campus with eyes and/or access to Facebook knows the big scandal rocking our city in the past few weeks –the Board of Education election and the greek system’s involvement in it. Just...

‘Glee’ star’s death wake-up call to protect one’s friends from harm

Beth Lindly July 17, 2013

The death of 31-year-old Canadian actor Cory Monteith Saturday night shocked millions of people around the world, “Glee” lovers and non-fans alike. The lead star of the hit musical TV show was found...

Hollywood should seek originality, create new movie ideas

Beth Lindly April 9, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk about remakes in Hollywood lately. With the highly anticipated new rendition of “The Great Gatsby” on the way, critics and moviegoers alike are abuzz about how Tinsel Town...

CNN disappoints in coverage of Steubenville rape trial

Beth Lindly March 19, 2013

In flipping through the channels this weekend, I came across the CNN coverage of the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case in which two high school football players were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl...

Tasteless jokes at child star’s expense not funny

Beth Lindly March 5, 2013

The Oscars were Feb. 24. I might be a bit late on this, but my column only runs biweekly, so bear with me. I’m not going to talk about Seth MacFarlane as a host, per se – that place has been visited...

Concerts provide opportunities for interesting friendships

Beth Lindly February 19, 2013

I saw fun. in Atlanta, Ga., this weekend. The tickets were a Christmas present from my mom, and not until the show was over did I realize that she gave me more than an audience with one of my favorite...

Local theatre puts spotlight on cliques, politics; not talent

Local theatre puts spotlight on cliques, politics; not talent

Beth Lindly February 5, 2013

If you’ve lived in Tuscaloosa for more than 10 minutes, you’ve probably noticed how involved in theatre this city is. Weekly, there is no shortage of musicals performed by any number of local high...

Most Tutwiler prejudices are insulting and lazy

Beth Lindly January 22, 2013

Before I came to college, I didn’t know anything about any of the dorms – which of them were Honors, which had certain reputations – but in my first few weeks on campus, I quickly came to know a...

Jokes about rape not only inappropriate, but encourage future incidents

Beth Lindly November 27, 2012

There’s been a lot of discussion lately on the topic of rape. Daniel Tosh and his joke to the woman at a comedy club, Rep. Todd Akin with his “legitimate rape” comment – it’s definitely a hot-button...

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