UA releases new homecoming queen process, applications open Sept. 1


CW / David Gray

The 2021 homecoming queen election, won by Mclean Moore, led to calls for change in the homecoming election process.

Ainsley Platt, News Editor

The University published the new selection process for homecoming queen Tuesday, following last year’s contentious homecoming election that culminated with sit-in protests in the Student Government Association advisor’s office and the announcement of the Homecoming Queen Selection Process Task Force to overhaul the election. 

John Richardson, the chair of the task force and a senator in the SGA, said there were very little changes from what his team recommended to what the University ended up implementing. 

“We wanted every single person that is qualified to apply for homecoming queen to feel like they have an honest chance,” Richardson said. “Our [original] document is very, very similar to this one. The changes that were made were made to keep things a little more fluid to help logistically, and there are no major changes.” 

The new process will consist of three phases: the application and essay portion, an interview, and then the general election. The essays and interviews will be scored, and the top five scoring candidates overall will be named to the homecoming court and will participate in campaign activities. Like in previous homecoming elections, the court must follow campaign and finance rules, many of which are similar to portions of the SGA Elections Manual that previously governed the homecoming queen election. 

In previous years, appeals complaints would go before the Elections Board. Under the new process, the Elections Review and Dispute Panel, “which will consist of “two faculty/staff, three students and two alumni members,” will handle the dispute process. Additionally, during the interview and essay rounds, only homecoming candidates may submit appeals complaints. During the campaign period, any UA student may submit a complaint to the panel. 

The 2022 homecoming queen applications open on Sept. 1.