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Study abroad students not harmed by Chile earthquake

When the 8.8 earthquake struck Chile on Saturday, that the University did not have any students there at the time of the earthquake, said Ben Weaver, overseas student academic adviser in Capstone International.

“We have two to three students that are studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Monte Video, Uruguay, which are geographically located on the other side of South America,” he said.

Weaver said considering they were far from the epicenter of the earthquake, students said they did not even feel the tremors in the ground.

“Another student said that he was not aware of the earthquake until a few days later,” he said. “We were pleased to know that no student had been physically affected by this earthquake.”

In comparison to the recent earthquake in Haiti, Weaver said the death toll is lower in this instance because Chile was more structurally prepared for an earthquake.

While there are many Chileans still without food and shelter, the government is sending out troops to help provide aid, the Associated Press reported.

Other South American countries are also helping to provide aid, such as the basic necessities for the citizens. Countries such as Brazil and Argentina rushed to assist after the earthquake.

“After this earthquake, I don’t anticipate it affecting student’s ability to study abroad in Chile in the future,” Weaver said.

In order for a student to be prohibited from visiting a country, it has to be deemed unsafe by the United States when they issue a travel warning, he said.

“Also, the providers for the program have to suggest that we do not send students over there,” he said.

Some students from Chile come to the University to study at the English Language Institute, and there was one male student here.

“We had a Chilean student that finished the ELI recently and he went back home,” he said. “After the earthquake, we were thankful to hear that he and his family were safe.”

As Chile seeks international aid after this natural disaster, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton flew to deliver aid on Tuesday.

According to the AP, Clinton said the U.S. is “ready to help in any way” that Chile requests and they plan to send water purification systems and a mobile field hospital with surgical capability.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said Chile also needs temporary bridges, cash donations to buy food and medicine and generators.

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