Chosen and preferred names available on mobile ACT Cards


CW File

Raelee Sents, Contributing Writer

ACT Cards will now allow faculty, staff and students to use their chosen or preferred name. 

Partnering with the Safe Zone Resource Center, the ACT Card Office worked with the Office of Information Technology to bring the chosen or preferred name option to mobile ACT Cards.  

The ACT Card office announced on social media on May 19 that students could change their name to their preferred name.  

ACT Card communications specialist Courtney Petrizzi said the ACT Card office recognized the importance of having the feature, which was previously available on physical cards, on digital ACT cards. 

“This change is an update that we created to reflect our campus community’s needs,” Petrizzi said. 

Jas Orr, president of Queer Student Association, said that the organization is “really, really thrilled that this change has finally been made.”  

Orr said that the change “has been something the trans community on campus has been wanting for quite a while.” As a transgender person, Orr said their old name on their ACT card made them uncomfortable but now seeing their preferred name on their ACT card is “wonderful.” 

Faculty, staff and students who wish to use their chosen or preferred name will first have to update their information in myBama, then confirm the change under “Action Card Number + Chosen or Preferred Name” in myBama. 

Chosen and preferred name changes are also available for those with phones that are not compatible with the mobile ACT Card. First-time requests for eligible physical cardholders are free of charge and will include chosen or preferred names.