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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Tennis teams praise new indoor facility

The University of Alabama’s tennis teams started a new chapter with the recent opening of their new indoor tennis facility.  The whole process started on Nov. 4, 2010, when the Board of Trustees for the University approved the proposal for a new indoor facility. Now, a little over a year later, both teams have a new source of pride.

The new facility has gotten nothing but high praise from both the men and women’s tennis teams.  Women’s head coach Jenny Mainz said this stadium is a one-of-a-kind facility.

“The new facility has six indoor courts, which not many universities have,” Mainz said. “I think that makes it more unique.”

Men’s head coach Billy Pate said it was a gorgeous facility that fits into Alabama architecturally.

“It’s rare to see a four-sided brick facility,” Pate said.

Not only is the new facility nice but it helps the University of Alabama in other areas as well. Now that they have indoor courts, Pate believes that can make it easier to share practices.

“Since we have six courts if we run over in time each of us [men’s and women’s teams] can use three courts to practice on,” Pate said.

Both coaches, Pate and Mainz, praised Mal Moore’s commitment to excellence. “Mal Moore takes tremendous pride in our facilities,” Mainz said.

Coach Pate acknowledged that now that the University has the new indoor facility, Moore can accomplish some of the things he has wanted to do.

“Moore wanted to host a Southeastern Conference Championship,” Pate said. “Now that we have this new facility we are able to apply to do so.”

Both coaches also acknowledged the positive impact it could have on recruiting.

“When recruiting some people can use the fact we do not have an indoor facility against us,” Pate said. “Now I feel like we went from nothing for the past two years to having the best.”

One difference between playing outdoors and playing in an indoor facility is the atmosphere it has. Mainz believes the new facility brings an energized atmosphere.

“There’s more electricity when you play indoors,” Mainz said. “There is more energy and it’s a lot louder.”

Mainz added that the new facility is a lot better for the fans. “It has elevated seating which makes this place more spectator friendly,” Mainz said.

When it comes to how it affects an athlete’s play, both coaches agreed that indoor courts are a little different than outdoor.

“Indoor courts tend to be faster,” Mainz said. “You also get cleaner bounces as well.”

While the women have yet to host a match on the new court, the men broke it in during a competition in which they lost to Northwestern, 4-3, last Friday. The women’s team will play their next matches at home on Feb. 18 and 19 when they face Rice and Southern Methodist University.

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