In Tuscaloosa over winter break? Check out these events


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The Tinsel Trail in lines the western end of the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk in December 2018.

Claire Yates, Contributing Writer

The University of Alabama and the Tuscaloosa community are hosting multiple in-person and virtual events over winter break. 

From lectures and presentations to concerts and performances, The University of Alabama is offering a variety of events. Students who cannot go home for the break can find fun ways to spend their time every day in December. 

In fact, the UA events began Dec. 8 and will wrap up Jan. 6, 2022. 

Freshwater Mussel Exhibit

The Freshwater Mussel Exhibit will take place at the Alabama Museum of Natural History and explains why mussels are important to the environment. It also features some mussel biology, including how to determine the age of mussels. 

The exhibit, a partnership with the Fashion Archive at The University of Alabama, also explores “how the fashion industry affected the mussel populations in Alabama.” 

Soon, there will be an online option for people to learn more about the exhibit. 

UA students and staff can enter for free, while admission is $2 for adults and $1 for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, senior adults older than 55, and children under the age of five. 

“True Likeness” and “The Artistry of Mary Smith”

The Sarah Moody Gallery of Art’s “True Likeness” exhibit showcases portraits that celebrate the human experience. 

The exhibit was organized by artists Tom Stanley and Lia Newman. On the University’s Department of Art and Art History website, Stanley said “True Likeness” will remind people of the human image, perception and reality. 

“The artists in ‘True Likeness’ draw attention to manufactured and real notions that different communities hold about one another,” Stanley said.

The exhibit will have nearly 70 portraits, including paintings, sculptures, photography, printmaking, drawings and more. Some of the artwork is created with typical art tools, while other pieces are created with everyday materials that are unique. 

“I love getting to look at art in person because it’s so much more detailed,” Reagan Hall, a junior majoring in art, said. “It’s a completely different experience than seeing it digitally.”

At the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum, there will be another art exhibit, about weaving in Muscogee Creek culture. The goal of this exhibition is to highlight Mary Smith, an award-winning contemporary artist and citizen of the Muscogee Nation, who celebrates her heritage through her artwork.  

Ice Skating

The ice skating rink at Government Plaza is open until Jan. 17. The admission and skate rental prices start at $15 per person. Click here to buy tickets and for more information.

The goal of the skating rink is to have a festive event for family and friends while supporting small businesses and restaurants. 

“With increased visibility and proximity to local businesses and restaurants, we hope to make this event more convenient to the community,” said Stacy Vaughn, the city’s director of public services, in an article for Tuscaloosa News

Ashton Libel, a junior majoring in public relations, said the ice skating rink was a fun and affordable way to spend the evening. Libel is from Montana and is used to skating, so she appreciated being able to skate even in warm weather. 

“It is a fun date activity or activity for any age group in Tuscaloosa, and I would visit again,” Libel said.