Our View: Pink meet promotes awareness

Our View

In short: The Alabama athletic department’s “pink” events were helpful benefits for breast cancer awareness.

October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but two Alabama women’s athletics program — along with many other athletics programs across the country — made sure last week that October isn’t the only time of the year to “think pink.”

The gymnastics team presented its sixth-annual Power of Pink Meet, which helped raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. By giving a check for $100,000 to the DCH Breast Cancer Fund, the UA athletics department demonstrated its commitment to helping the fight against breast cancer in our community. Not only did the meet promote awareness of the problem and the need for research funding, it demonstrated that there are efforts right here in Tuscaloosa to fight this terrible disease.

Gymnastics coach Sarah Patterson created the Power of Pink initiative in 2004 and it has spread all across the sports world. Sports fans are not usually targeted by these kinds of campaigns, so any attempt to reach out to this demographic is very helpful. From Alabama gymnasts and basketball players to Major League Baseball players, athletes are spreading the word about the fight against breast cancer.

It may be just one gymnastics meet and one basketball game, but the money and awareness they raised made them far more than sporting events to those who have been –and will be — affected by breast cancer.

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