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SGA launches Finish in Four campaign through DegreeWorks

Together with University officials, the University of Alabama SGA has launched its new Finish in Four campaign.

Finish in Four works with DegreeWorks, UA’s academic planning tool, to help students prepare their semesters ahead in order to graduate within eight semesters.

“Degree requirements can sometimes be difficult to understand, but Finish in Four provides students with the information they need to stay on track,” said Seth Morrow, SGA communications director. “Through working with DegreeWorks and meeting with their advisor, students will put together academic plans that help monitor their degree progress.”

Finish in Four can save students money, while also allowing them to take part in study abroad programs and internships, Morrow said.

While Finish in Four allows students to plan their semesters in advance, it also helps the University plan course schedules based on student need. UA offers over 80 undergraduate degree programs, and most bachelors degrees are obtainable within eight semesters of study, according to a press release.

Angela Tomlinson, a sophomore majoring in music administration, said she thinks Finish in Four will be a big success.

“It can be confusing sometimes to know what classes you need to take and what requirements there are for your degree, so it’s good to have these tools to figure that out,” Tomlinson said. “A lot of people wouldn’t necessarily take the time to look all this up on their own, so it’s good that the website is there to make the process easier. As expensive as getting a college education is becoming, it’s good to have a tool to help make sure [students] can finish on time.”

Patsy Dempsey, a sophomore majoring in secondary education social science, agreed.

“I think Finish in Four is a good idea because it helps people have a good and productive experience planning taking the right classes,” Dempsey said. “It also allows students to make sure they graduate as soon as possible.”

In addition to the Finish in Four campaign, the SGA has also launched the Registration Help Hotline for students to use when registering for classes. Members of First Year Council man the hotline, and the line is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. The number for the Registration Help Hotline is 205-348-8401.

“Class registration can be a stressful time for students, and SGA is always looking for ways to make students’ lives easier,” Morrow said. “Finish in Four is just another example of the SGA’s commitment to improving student life at the University of Alabama.”

For more information on Finish in Four, please visit

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