SGA vote requires timely publication of Senate dockets

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association unanimously passed an act last Thursday to publish the Senate’s docket prior to meetings on the SGA website. This is the first time SGA meeting schedules have been made publicly available.

This will allow students to read legislation discussed in Senate meetings. 

“The SGA has to learn from the lessons and feedback from the student body,” said Senator CJ Pearson, the author of the resolution. “What we see here is an opportunity to be more transparent and more accessible to the student body.”

The docket will also be published on other websites that the SGA communications director and webmaster deem appropriate, although none have been listed except the SGA website. 

“In accordance with our commitment to transparency, the SGA is taking efforts to ensure the Senate docket is accessible to the campus community each week,” said Olivia Davis, the SGA press secretary.

The Senate dockets will be available at