Q&A | Madeline Martin is your only option for VP for external affairs

Madeline Martin, sophomore majoring in communication studies, is running unopposed for the position.


Photo courtesy of SGA. Graphic CW / Leah Goggins

Grace Schepis | @GraceSchepisCW, Staff Reporter

How did you originally get involved with SGA?
I applied for First Year Council (FYC) and was super excited for the opportunity to represent Ridgecrest, then ran for senate the next year to represent the College of Communication and Information Sciences.

What made you want to run for this position?
I love getting to work in the community, whether that just be through community service or just supporting local businesses. So I’ve wanted to continue that effort.

What makes you the best choice for this office?
I just absolutely love the idea of the partnership with the city. This is the one position that I was just beyond ecstatic to run for because I love the idea that we are UA and we have an amazing campus, but we’re not just in this bubble.

What’s your opinion on the election being uncontested?
Everyone I know [running for] the Executive Council, I’ve worked with in some shape or form, whether it be FYC or senate. They are all extremely qualified and very passionate about their individual roles.

What’s the biggest problem you see on campus?
All of us have platforms kind of revolving around the loneliness on campus, and it’s not just UA. Talking with my friends that go to UCLA and one at NYU, they’re saying how everyone just feels so alone.

What do you hope to accomplish in this position?
I think we can grow this and provide fresher options for Bama Dining by also creating new jobs and new opportunities for the university and students who can have that hands on experience.

What’s one last thing you want voters to know about you?
I’ve always wanted to run for External Affairs because it is just something that I absolutely love and adore, with this city and this university.