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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Swinson speaks at Special Session

Stephen Swinson, newly appointed President of the Student Government Association, said the SGA must be focused on moving forward and working together to serve the student body in his address to the SGA Senate last night.

Swinson was sworn in as the new SGA President immediately following former SGA President Grant Cochran’s resignation Friday.

“[Cochran] felt that he would be a distraction to the progress within SGA and he did not want to hinder our effort to serve students,” Swinson said.

Swinson said the SGA should be proud of way they smoothly transitioned but must concentrate on the future because as a student government, their main focus is to represent the student body in the best way.

“The students we represent are too important,” Swinson said. “We must go on from this moment with a clean slate, one team, one SGA, three pistons within an engine that implements real progress for students on campus.”

Swinson said that he felt that each branch of the SGA was entitled to an equal share of the blame.

“This term in office has by far been the most turbulent I have experienced in my four years serving the student body and I agree with members of the legislative branch that argue it is because we as a whole have lost our focus,” he said.

On Thursday, Swinson will reveal his plan during his State of the University Address.

“Our goals are not feasible without cooperation between branches and a true dedication from each member of SGA, no matter what role they play in serving the student body,” Swinson said. “Again, the blame falls equally on the executive branch and I sincerely apologize for any ill relations that hindered our ability to fulfill our primary mission.”

Ryan Flamerich said that the process of electing a new Vice President of the Executive Board of the SGA would be implemented soon. The process will involve a 10-day application period where the SGA will approve the final selection.

In other news, Bill 47-11 was presented during the meeting. According to the SGA Constitution, the bill must be presented at a Special Session.

SGA Senator Tyler Evans presented the goal of establishing a new 2011-2012 budget.

Mark David Kennedy, vice president for Financial Affairs, further elaborated that funding was increased to Academic Affairs among other groups.

“We are trying to make our financial statements more clear and concise,” Kennedy said.

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