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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Park nice, win a scholarship

University of Alabama students can now be rewarded for parking. The Positive Parking Incentive is a new program that will provide five students with scholarships at the end of the semester.

Transportation services and the Student Government Association Judicial Board are co-sponsoring the initiative. Tara Ward, chief justice of the judicial board, said the program would help with parking, which is one of the biggest issues for students on campus.

“I am very excited about this new incentive for parking appropriately,” Ward said. “One of the biggest concerns amongst students is parking, so by giving them a reward for following the rules it encourages them to do the right thing.”

The program was incorporated to encourage students to park correctly on campus. The Judicial Board meets every Tuesday to hear parking appeals and Ward said there is always a parking complaint from students.

“We believe that by giving students a reward for appropriately dealing with the system it will cut down on all the negativity,” she said.

All students with an active parking permit with no parking citations for the semester including warnings will be eligible. These students will be entered into a random drawing at the end of the semester and five will be rewarded $100 scholarships.

Chris D’Esposito, assistant director of transportation services, said the department is looking forward to being a part of the initiative.

“Transportation Services is excited to partner with the Judicial Branch of SGA in rewarding individuals for their commitment to doing what is right,” he said. “We understand the tremendous time constraints placed on students, and that it is sometimes challenging to park in accordance with University rules and regulations, but doing so provides a safe and efficient environment for all.”

This is the first year of implementation for the program with hopes for it to be longstanding, Ward said.

“My hopes for this program are that it will shine a positive light on parking across the campus and that it will reward rule abiding students,” Ward said. “In the future I hope that this program can be grown to have more scholarships allotted to well-deserved students.”

The drawings will be each semester and the winnings will be awarded the following month and credited to the student’s account.

Students think the program will have a positive impact on the parking situation.

“I feel as if it’s a great incentive for students,” said Kayla Dinkins, a junior majoring in elementary education. “It’s a great way to get students to park in the right places. Why not participate if you have a chance to win $100 just for parking in the right spot? [The program] will probably be effective.”

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