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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Funding for student organizations increases

The Financial Affairs Committee of the Student Government Association has announced an increase in funds to allocate to student organizations. FAC has issued an $80,000 increase, moving the total amount for the new fiscal year to $200,000.

Mark David Kennedy, SGA vice president of financial affairs, said the SGA wrote a proposal to the UA administration expressing the need for an increase in FAC funding. This increase will allow the SGA to better meet student organization needs, he said.

“We have more financial resources for the students of Alabama,” Kennedy said. “This year marks a turning point in our department of student affairs and the financial affairs office because we’re able to provide more financial resources to the students. This could not have happened without the UA administration and the students speaking their voice.”

FAC will have $30,000 for the month of September to allocate to organizations, while the new fiscal year is set to begin in October.

Last spring, the FAC funding budget ran out of funds before the end of the fiscal year due to an influx of more student organizations on campus and left some organizations looking for other ways to get funding.

The Black Student Union hopes the funds will provide more opportunities than last year.

“It’s very cool that they’ve [provided the $80,000 increase] for student organizations because we do depend on SGA for funding as student organizations,” said Josh Gray, Black Student Union President. “A lot of organizations do take up membership dues, but our dues don’t cover our events as well as they could. So the assistance from SGA is very much needed.”

Kennedy said the FAC will be looking to make some positive changes in October, and he believes all students will be thankful for the changes.

“[My hope] is that we meet the students’ expectations,” he said. “The SGA represents the students’ voice, and we hope we fulfill their requests.”

One of the main objectives of this year’s SGA administration was to provide more FAC funding.

“The Financial Affairs Committee remains one of the most important functions of SGA,” SGA President Grant Cochran said. “I am excited that they will be able to better serve students.”

All student organizations that are registered with the SOURCE for at least one month are eligible for FAC funding. Each organization can request up to $1,600 per fiscal year for travel or $400 per student for up to four students. For all supplies and advertising materials, groups can get up to $500 per fiscal year. Equipment funds ranging up to $1,500 per every two fiscal years are also available.

Factors such as other sources of funding, adherence to university policy and guidelines and the number of members in the group are considered when allocating funds.

To learn more about the FAC, email [email protected] or visit the SGA office in the Ferguson Center.

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