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Graduate dies in motorcycle crash


On July 12, Class of 2011 UA graduate Zoe Bromberg was caught in a fatal motorcycle accident while vacationing in Spain. Although Zoe, whose name translates to “life” in Greek, has passed, her memory will not soon be forgotten.

“She was the perfect definition of life,” said Zoe’s brother, Clayton Bromberg. “It was her vivaciousness and her passion to live. She was the light in every room.”

Zoe Bromberg had just completed her final year at the University and was planning on attending graduation in August before heading out to California, where she had been accepted into the Gemological Institute of America, the same school her father had attended. Clayton Bromberg expressed his sister’s passion for gemology and said that she would eventually join the family business.

“Bromberg’s Jewelers is one of the oldest jewelers in Alabama,” Clayton Bromberg said. “It’s been a family business for seven generations. Zoe had planned on becoming a part of that after a couple years.”

Even with her family connections to gemology, Zoe Bromberg’s passion was entirely whole-hearted.

“From the outside, I could see how it would appear that she was following in her dads footsteps,” said longtime friend Nick Grainger. “But Zoe had a passion for seeing the world and making it more beautiful. She would have gone so far.

“She was very passionate about the people and world around her, and she felt deeply for both.”

Although Zoe was headed toward a successful future with her family’s company, she had more than one door open for her, and she was far more than met the eye.

“Zoe had developed a real passion for art,” Clayton Bromberg said. “She was in New College at UA and had a lot of art classes. After finals, she had a teacher specifically congratulate her on her progress.”

Bromberg remembered hearing about when his sister took cover during the April 27 tornado and how she would not hide under any mattresses until she had her final art project alongside her. He explained that she was the type of person who put her all into everything she did, and not even a tornado could get between her and her hard work.

In her time at the University, Bromberg made sure to live her life to the fullest. An active member in the Kappa Delta sorority, Bromberg was a member of honors societies, a Prime S. Osborn Foundation Scholarship recipient, a mentor and tutor and much more.

“Zoe always seized every day and every opportunity,” said close friend and Kappa Delta sister Hayes Stoddard. “No matter what went on the day before or what was going on that day, she always stayed positive, no matter what.”

Bromberg will be remembered for her active participation in life, but those close to her will never forget her dedication to the people and world she loved so much.

“When I think of Zoe, I just think of pure love and humor,” Grainger said. “She was very unadulterated in that way. She said what was on her mind at all times. If she thought it would make people laugh, she’d say it.”

Services for Bromberg were held on July 15. However, New College will present her family with her diploma during their graduation ceremony on Aug. 6.

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