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Alabama in Bangladesh program wins award


The Alabama in Bangladesh study abroad program, which is through Capstone International Academic Programs, has won the GoAbroad Innovation Award for Best Student Video. The video features UA students at a Bangladesh school, among other photos, and can be found on the program’s website and on YouTube.

Holly Buckner, coordinator of Capstone International Programs, said she was notified of the GoAbroad awards early in the spring semester and encouraged the Alabama in Bangladesh director to apply. Buckner found out in early May that the program was a finalist and accepted the first place award while in Vancouver for the national NAFSA: Association of International Educators conference.

“I was very, very excited,” Buckner said. “I think that these programs really do signify that there is an extraordinary impact on people’s lives when they study abroad, and there is a lot of creativity in international programs right now. There are many amazing faculty doing very unique and interesting programs for students, and this is just one of them.”

The Alabama in Bangladesh program was also a finalist for the GoAbroad Innovative New Program award.

“I am so excited about both our most innovative program nomination and our win for innovative student video,” said Rashmee Sharif, Alabama in Bangladesh program director. “I feel that the immense interest in the Bangladesh program demonstrates a shift away from the traditional study abroad destinations of Europe to developing countries. Studying in a country like Bangladesh really shakes one’s paradigm, and the sights, moments and sounds experienced influence the student’s perception of the world for the rest of his or her life.”

George Guarino, a former graduate assistant at CIAP, assisted in making the video with Tyler Morgan, who participated in the program in 2010. Guarino said it is a great honor to win the GoAbroad award and said it was a pleasure working with Sharif to create the video.

GoAbroad was founded in 1999. The website,, provides extensive information on traveling and all subjects relative to studying abroad or out of the country.

“The unique programs honored by GoAbroad demonstrate advancements in study abroad programming and signify the extraordinary impact international programs have on people’s lives and the creativity of our colleagues in the field,” Buckner said.

Other GoAbroad Innovative Award categories include innovative use of social media and innovation in marketing.

Buckner says she hopes the CIAP continues to provide students with top-notch study abroad programs.

“I hope we continue to offer academically, interesting, unique and varied programs for our students,” she said. “Wherever those programs are, award or no award, I hope they continue to be good, academically-sound and creative programs.”

Students participate in the Grameen Bank’s Basic Training Program while enrolled in the Alabama in Bangladesh summer course. The program, named after the Nobel Peace Prize winner, is designed to teach students the fundamental philosophies and skills to replicate the Grameen Bank model. For more information on other UA international programs, visit or email [email protected].


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