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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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SGA senate tables Zimride bill

In its first session of the summer, the Student Government Association senate tabled a proposal to create a social media ridesharing network.

A bill to bring Zimride to the university was sent to the financial affairs committee for further consideration. Senators discussed whether or not they wanted to commit funds to the program.

Speaker of the Senate Ryan Flamerich said the senate effectively rejected the proposal, since funds needed to be allocated before July 1.

“I think if anything what we learned from this senate meeting… is that this senate is very different from the senates that have been here before and this senate is very much more of a reflection of the student body and they’re going to stand up for what they believe is right,” Flamerich said.

“I think there’s going to be some really special things to happen this year in this body,” he said. “This is a message to the executive branch that the senate is not going to be a rubber stamp this year.”

Arts and sciences senator Jeff Elrod was confirmed as president pro tempore of the senate. Elrod is the first non-greek student to hold the position in the recent years, Flamerich said. In the speaker’s absence, the president pro tempore will lead the senate.

“[Elrod] has been a leader in senate,” Flamerich said. “He was an instrumental part of the new 2011 SGA constitution; he has been instrumental in just about every major legislation that senate did last year. He will do a great job.”

Elrod said, “I’m humbled and honored by my colleagues to give me the trust and the confidence to hold this position. I look forward to serving in any way that I can.”

To show appreciation to the UA Greek Relief efforts, the senate presented James Fowler and Meg McCrummen with a resolution. The senate also approved transfers of funds to the financial affairs and student affairs accounts.

“Those accounts have run deficits from the previous administration,” Flamerich said. “Senate approved the funds to zero-out the deficits, but there are going to be serious questions on why those accounts ran deficit in the fall.”

A total of six resolutions were passed in memory of UA students who were killed by the April 27 tornado.

“On April 27 it was not a good day in Tuscaloosa, and I think it’s good that senate is celebrating the lives of those who passed away because it shows that every student is important on this campus no matter what,” Flamerich said.

For his performance at the 2011 NCAA Track and Field National Championship, Alexis Paine authored a resolution congratulating Kirani James for his athletic success. James won the 400 meter for the second year in the row and was named the South Region Athlete of the Year.

The last resolution presented and approved by the senate was a resolution to approve payment for the SGA “Through the Years” video project.


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