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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Students receive Hollings scholarships

Two UA students have been named members of the Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship program by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Education.

The University has had students on the list of Hollings scholars since the inception of the program in 2005. Upcoming juniors A.J. Collins and Sarah Johnson are two of 104 Hollings scholars selected nationally for this year.

“I’m definitely ecstatic,” Collins said. “It’ll be a really valuable experience for me. The internship is going to be really beneficial for professional stuff in the future.”

Collins, a native of Amissville, Va., is majoring in economics and political science. He is a member of the University’s Computer-Based and International Honors programs.

Paan Jindapon, along with James Cover, has ties with Collins through the Culverhouse College of Commerce. Collins’ research focuses on group sizes and whether or not they have an effect on resource production and allocation.

“I’m very excited [for A.J.],” Jindapon said. “We are very supportive and we are very, very happy for him…His strength is his discipline, ambition and commitment. Other students try to come up with some research project, but they didn’t actually finish or couldn’t do [the projects]. He’s the only one who could set a time frame and follow the plan. That’s very impressive for a young guy. Whatever he wants to do, he’s going to do it well; he can accomplish anything.”

Johnson said, “I was extremely honored and thrilled to receive it, since I knew the level of talent of the applicant pool and thought I had a slim chance. I know that the summer internship will give me a chance to broaden my horizons and enjoy opportunities to work in areas that few undergraduates experience.”

Johnson, a native of Mesquite, Texas, is majoring in mechanical engineering while taking part in the University’s Computer-Based Honors Program. Johnson’s research focuses on testing the efficiency of alcohol-based fuels and developing methods to improve their stability and efficiency.

“I think she’ll have fun with this,” said Marcus Ashford, mechanical engineering professor and Johnson’s advisor. “Sarah is one of the few students that we have that is bright enough and driven enough that she can do things like [the Hollings program], where she gets the opportunity to actually try the things that she likes.”

Gary Sloan, UA coordinator of Prestige Scholarships and Awards said, “The University does very well in the scholarship competitions where it’s not just based on grades, where the students are actually out doing things. That’s where our students really shine – is going out and doing things.”

As stated on the Hollings’ scholarship website, the program provides scholars with up to $8,000 per year and a 10-week, full-time internship. Scholars can also receive academic assistance for full-time study during another school year.

Collins and Johnson traveled to D.C. for orientation last week and will attend conferences where they will present a paper and/or a poster.

“We are very pleased with the selection of these two UA students as recipients of this competitive and distinguished award,” said Dean Shane Sharpe of the Honors College. “Both Sarah and A.J. were fortunate to engage in research projects throughout their sophomore year and both have an interest in advancing the mission of NOAA, which are key elements in the selection the scholarship recipients. Our faculty is to be commended for time and effort they commit to working with our students on meaningful research experiences.”

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