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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Finals cancelled, graduation delayed to August

The University has canceled finals for next week due to recovery efforts. Students have the option of accepting their existing grades as of April 27, or students can take a final exam at a later date, according to a release sent by University Media Relations

If students choose the latter option, faculty will have the option of scheduling the final exam when normal operation resumes. The changes include all enrolled students except students in the School of Law and School of Medicine. Those students should be in touch with their faculty to confirm their schedule.

Graduatation has been postponed until August 6. May and August graduates will be recognized together.

“These steps are being taken to allow students impacted by the storms to return to their homes while recovery efforts continue in the Tuscaloosa area,” the release said. “These changes are in keeping with academic guidelines that are part of the emergency operations and recovery plans for the campus.”

Student reaction to exam cancellation

“As long as we can make them up I feel like that’s a lot better. I had one each day, and in a couple classes I was hoping for a good grade.” Travis Menger, sophomore majoring in accounting

“As long as we can reschedule them, it’s a good idea.” Christina Pickett, freshman majoring marketing

“It’s pretty unfair because I know a lot of people counting on these grades. In the grand scheme of things, it’s good.” Lauren Collier, junior majoring in anthropology

“I was really counting on doing well on my finals. I need them to help my grade.” Danny Depperschmidt, freshman majoring in aerospace engineering

“It doesn’t really affect me because all I have is a paper due. I’ll still do it because it’s something I enjoy.” Trevor Smith, junior majoring in English

“I think it needed to be done. It’s a tragedy right now. We don’t have time to worry about studying for exams when people are dead all around Tuscaloosa.” John Fillmore, freshman majoring in computer engineering

“There are pros and cons to it. I think that it’s the right thing to do, overall.” Grace Hoover, sophomore majoring in chemical engineering

Student reaction to graduation postponement

“It’s the best for the situation. I just lost my apartment. Students are homeless and missing, and finals are the last thing that should be on someone’s mind.” Sarah Wofford, senior majoring in marine science and biology  

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