Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Tide players display brotherly glove


To many, the Crimson Tide’s opening day blowout against Alcorn State on Feb. 18 was simply a solid start to the season. But to brothers James and Jeremiah Tullidge, it was much more.

The game marked the first time the two brothers would get the opportunity to play alongside each other for the Tide. What the bothers didn’t expect was how memorable the experience would be.

Up 7-0 with a man on second in the bottom of the eighth, James Tullidge, a junior, stepped to the plate for his first at bat of the season. James drove a ball to left, doubling and knocking in a run. One batter later, in a mirror image of his brother, freshman Jeremiah Tullidge laced an RBI double to left in his first career at bat for the Tide.

“I don’t know if anybody else has done that here, but I thought that was the greatest thing ever,” Jeremiah said. “I got up to the plate and it was my first at bat. I thought my heart was about to explode. When I got that double it was crazy.”

Though the brothers have always been close, age has prevented them from playing on the same teams throughout their childhood. Other than one year of high school, the two had only competed with each other in the backyard.

Upon hearing that Jeremiah chose to play at Alabama, James was ecstatic at the chance to play along side his brother at the collegiate level.

“It was exciting. It was nothing but exciting,” James said. “Not many people get a chance to play with their brother, especially at a university like this. To play with coach Gaspard and a team like this, not many people get to do that.”

Having a brother on the team is often beneficial, as both James and Jeremiah both know how to push each other when things get hard.

“He’ll come in there and say, ‘Hit the ball,’” James said. “He’s just firm with you and say you need to do something right here.”

It is not just on the field that you can find the two brothers together. James and Jeremiah are nearly inseparable off the field as well.

“They are very close,” head coach Mitch Gaspard said. “They sit together on the bus, they eat together. When Jeremiah does well, James is right there complementing him and vice versa.”

The two, however, have one disagreement—Mario Kart. During their off time, Mario Kart is one way the brothers battle for bragging rights. So who’s better?

“He’ll say he is, and I’ll say I am,” Jeremiah said.

James claims he is the better of the two because he wins the majority of the games.

“That’s definitely not true,” Jeremiah said with a laugh.

Despite the occasional rivalry now and then, the brothers look forward to competing with each other over the next two years.

“Everyday I thank the Lord for being able to play with him,” Jeremiah said.

James said, “Obviously it’s exciting for both of us. We are just focusing on competing as a team and any way we can contribute is great.”


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