Lakeside floods over break
Officials think frozen pipes caused problems

Mari Johnson

Unseasonably low temperatures seem to be the cause of the flooding in Lakeside West during the Break.

“We are speculating that because of the recent freakishly low temperatures, the pipes froze, allowing water to work its way down to the sprinkler heads,” said Andy Beville, UA director of housing operations. “We are still investigating.”

Fans and dehumidifiers were placed on floors to help dry up the water. Roofing was missing from the ceiling and paint was peeling off some of the walls.

Second-floor residential adviser Willis Masdon said some residents had to temporarily relocate.

“At least two rooms were significantly damaged enough to require the residents to temporarily move,” Masdon said.

Masdon also said every floor had a meeting on Jan. 10 so that all residents were informed about the flood.

Beville said most of the rooms only had minor leaks.

Kenya Thomas, Lakeside West resident and a sophomore majoring in criminal justice said some of the water had seeped through her window seal.

“I was upset because there was water in my room and I was afraid mold would start growing,” Thomas said.

Beville said fans and other ventilation equipment are being used to reduce the moisture content.

“I was surprised they got it fixed so quickly and happy that it wasn’t raining inside the building anymore,” said Stephanie Spielberger, a freshman majoring in chemical engineering.

Beville also said maintenance would continue to take moisture readings throughout the year and will be replacing the carpet throughout the dorm during spring break, and the walls and carpet will also be restored in the displaced residents’ rooms that suffered the most destruction. The dry wall and insulation will be replaced throughout the entire residence hall, he said.