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Student dies of unknown illness

University of Alabama law student Allison Bronner died of an unknown illness, according to a release by the University on March 7. Although they suspect the cause of death to be of natural causes related to a recent illness, nothing has been officially determined. It is known that a family friend found her dead in her apartment March 3, JoBeth Davis of Fox Alabama reported.

The daughter of Mary Lynn and David Bronner, Bronner, 25, also leaves behind her brother George and sister Courtney, along with many other family and friends.

Bronner was a UA graduate who went on to attend the UA School of Law, hoping to pursue a career in security law.

“Her phone calls are a favorite memory,” said friend Liorah Camak. “She would call and have these two hour conversations with you about nothing. Like what she had for dinner or why she likes Publix better than Bruno’s or what her dog was doing at every changing minute. We always joked about them and just how ridiculous and entertaining they were. She was hilarious. I know anyone who was ever privileged enough to receive those calls would give anything for one right now.”

Bronner was not only important to her friends and family but to the outside community. Some activities she participated in included honors societies and volunteer projects like a recreational dodge ball team, Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society, Gamma Sigma Epsilon Honor Society, Golden Key National Honors Society, the R.I.S.E. program, the Humane Society and volunteering with the Special Olympics.

“Whatever dreams and goals Allison had, she went above and beyond to reach them,” Camak said. “She had an incredible drive, which I believe was an innate part of her personality.”

Andrew Gearhart, a friend of Bronner, said she was brilliant and spent as much time in the library as he did out on the town.

“As long as I’ve known her she has been on the path toward becoming a great lawyer, and I know she have been working her butt off and going to school to make that dream happen,” Gearhart said.

Unexpected deaths can take a toll on family and friends, but Joseph Noojin, a friend of Bronner, said it’s even harder when it’s a young person.

“No matter what the cause of death, when a young person’s life is unexpectedly taken there is a sense of unrest in everyone familiar with the situation,” Noojin said. “Allison’s death was very sudden and altogether shocking.”

“Allison was a very fun, loving and caring person, and it is going to be really hard for everyone to go on without her,” said Jennifer Spears, another friend of Bronner’s. “She was someone you always wanted to be around. It’s going to take a very long time to get through our everyday lives with out her.”

Spears said Bronner was not only preparing to graduate from law school but was also preparing for the rest of her life. She had already received job offers in Washington, D.C., and was headed toward a bright future.

The funeral will take place today at 2 p.m. at St. Peter’s Church in Montgomery.


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