SGA spring election winners announced

Camille Studebaker, News Editor

Harrison Adams won Student Government Association (SGA) president with approximately 64 percent of votes in the 2019 spring SGA elections. Marquis Hollingsworth received approximately 34 percent of votes.

Approximately 34 percent of students (exactly 12,193 students) voted in the election.

“If no complaints or appeals are registered within three (3) class days of the announcement of the unofficial election results for the General or Run-off Election, all election results that are not subject to contest or a run-off shall be deemed final,” according to the SGA elections manual.

Both constitutional amendments proposed in the election passed. The first, an amendment to publish and maintain SGA Elections results on the SGA website passed with 68 percent of the vote. The second, an amendment to update the state of the school address and the executive cabinet passed with 92 percent of the vote.

The following results are for the remaining executive cabinet positions:

Executive Vice President – Clay Martinson

Executive Secretary – Alexandra Sample

Vice President of Academic Affairs – Allison Bailey

Vice President of External Affairs – Brooks Payne

Vice President of Financial Affairs – Hunter Scott, winning with 56 percent of votes

Vice President of Student Affairs – Jason Rothfarb

Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Demarcus Joiner


Senate results are listed below:

Arts and Sciences:

Jack Kappelman

Olivia Davis

Sam Rickert

Jillian Fields

Ford Mozingo

Erin Jolley

Kate Seibels

Grace Nalepka

Matteo Taraborrelli

Gage Pillsbury

James Simpler



Royce Dickerson

William Schramm

Brittany McMillian

Joel Rittenberg

Daniel Walsh

Lindsey Stephenson

Jamison Hanley

Eli Loncar

Ellen Walton

Daniel Perkins

William Stiers



Anna Beth Payne

Stephanie Otalora

Leslie Young



Ellie Schulman

Margaret Shelton



Katherine Ray

Samuel Perry

Brandon Slappy

Cade Boseck

Meyer Mercker

Andrew Crain

Paul James



Tatum Madden

Mary Frances Robertson

Kaitlin Wiltshire

Kaelyn Embler


Law School:

Ethan Calhoun

Robert Humphrey



Mackenzie O’Mara

Margaret Bryant


Social Work:

Kathryn Hayes

Devon Longstreet


Grad School:

Julie Vence

Rebecca Rose Lutonsky

Jennifer Baggett

Isabella DeSheplo