President Bell extends condolences to those impacted by Lee County tornado

Camille Studebaker, News Editor

A tornado hit Lee County, Alabama and surrounding areas yesterday after the tornado warning was issued around 2:30 p.m. The storm left at least 23 dead, with victims’ ages ranging from children to people in their 80s, according to

Auburn University resides in Lee County. UA President Stuart R. Bell sent an email offering support to students who may have been affected by the storm and to those at Auburn.  

“The loss of life, as well as the damage to homes and businesses, has also affected our friends on the Auburn campus, with students and colleagues there experiencing inconceivable loss,” Bell said in the email. “We are deeply saddened for those impacted by this terrible tragedy.”

Tuscaloosa and The University of Alabama campus experienced a similar disaster following an EF-4 tornado in April 2011.

“Please continue to keep your fellow Alabamians in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with a disaster that we here in Tuscaloosa know all too well,” Bell said. “The UA community is caring and compassionate, and we will extend our support during the recovery efforts and beyond.”