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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Alexa Campbell sworn in as executive vice president, 4 pieces of legislation passed


Former director of communications, Alexa Campbell, was sworn in as the executive vice president at the SGA Senate meeting Thursday.

“I’ve worked with Alexa for about a year now,and I’ve been very impressed with her determination,” President Casey Nelson said. 

After Campbell was sworn in there was an announcement that the Sexual Health Advancement Committee will host a panel would discuss to provide students with the option to ask anonymous questions about sexual health at the Student Ferguson Center theater on March 20. 

Brittany Grady, a junior in the New College studying civic engagement, came forward after announcements to voice her concern of Constitution Amendment C-02 that would give candidates or current senators SNAM forgiveness.

“We elect senate members because they are exemplary students,” Grady said. “If we are going to hold them to that standard, they need to be accountable for their actions.”

After a break for committees, Senate came back together to discuss Bill 09 authored by Sen. Robert Pendley. The bill calls for an added level of transparency, efficiency, and accountability of SGA, and the bill passed.

Despite Grady’s concern, Constitution Amendment C-02 also passed. 

Constitutional Amendment 3, which met heavy opposition last week, passed. It expands the number of students chosen on student elections board to help ensure wider representation. The amendment stipulates that SGA leaders now preside over elections, while the Dean of Students approves the candidates, implements a recusal process for members, and other updates from the floor. C-03 was passed with amendments including the disqualification of a candidate if they had prior ethics violations, and specifics on who will be a part of the review panel for candidates.

Resolution 20 written by Sen. Michael Smith, moved to re-commemorate Morgan Hall in honor of Juliette Hampton Morgan, caucasian racial advocate for racial justice in the 1940s and 1950s and Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame member. The resolution passed.

Amendment 4, also authored by Smith, removes the position of Executive Secretary. The amendment was moved to immediate consider, but the motion failed.

Bill B10, written by Sen. Cara Clay , which would dissolve the resolutions committee was sent to rules committee.

Order of Events:

Announcement of sexual health event, March 20 Ferg Theater

Senate broke into committees

Bill 09-added level of transparency, efficiency, and accountability of SGA was passed.

Constitutional Amendment 2- SNAM forgiveness for Senate candidates and current members was passed.

Constitutional Amendment 3- Student Election Board Amendments was passed

Resolution 20- Re-commemoration of Morgan Hall for Juliette Hampton Morgan was passed.

Constitutional Amendment 4- Removal of the Position of Executive Secretary 

Bill 10- Dissolve Resolutions Committee was sent to rules committee.

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