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UA student under investigation after using racial slurs on social media


Another student at The University of Alabama is facing disciplinary action after using racial slurs on her social media.

Harley Barber, a New Jersey native and a self-declared Alpha Phi member, was reported to the University for using a racial slur multiple times in an Instagram video on Monday night. This incident comes four years after a student who received a bid from Chi Omega posted a racial slur to her Snapchat account and was subsequently removed from the chapter. 

According to Alpha Phi’s international twitter account, Barber has been removed from the chapter.

Roger Kirk on Twitter said “Attitudes like this is what caused my daughter to attend a different university. Not @UofAlabama where she always wanted to go.”

Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson responded on Twitter, saying “Idk what’s worse….her saying those things or her thinking she can come to the south which would make it okay to say???”

Screen recordings of the video were posted on Twitter and sent to the University’s official Twitter page.

The University has issued a statement in response, calling the remarks “ignorant and disturbing” that, “in no way reflect the values of The University of Alabama.” 

The University also stated that the “unfortunate behavior” has been reported to the Office of Student Conduct “as it does not align with the community expectations of students at the Capstone.”

Damien Harris, a running back for the Crimson Tide football team, retweeted the video, adding “this girl goes to the same university as me but they say, ‘racism is dead.’ Unfortunately, this thread says the opposite.” He later added, “The worst part to me is the fact that people are still oblivious to the fact that stuff like this still goes on.”

Responding to a tweet that said the videos took place in their establishment, Rounders Bar, a popular destination for UA students, said Barber is banned for life.

Barber had not responded to The Crimson White’s request for comment at the time of publication. This story will be updated as more information comes in. 

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