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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Socializing in Tuscaloosa doesn’t have to be pricey: Ways to save


College students have tight budgets and sometimes hanging out with friends can seem like an unaffordable luxury. While there’s rarely a completely free way to spend some time out of the library or dorm, there are some fairly cheap ways to socialize and have fun when a break from normal responsibilities presents itself. 

Hang out at the Riverwalk 

The Riverwalk is over four miles of paved trail along the Black Warrior River. Lined with trees and a short walk from campus, the Riverwalk has benches and hammock-friendly trees where students can relax and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold. Grab your Eno, a book and a friend to enjoy the September sunshine. 

Garage sale hopping 

As fall gets closer, garage sale season draws to a close, but there could still be one or two nice weekends left. Hop in the car and take a drive around town to see what can be found. You can even make a game of it as each member of the group tries to find the oddest thing, the oldest thing or the most expensive. 

Open Mic nights 

There are plenty of open mic nights around town that cater to every taste from poetry to music. Druid City Brewing Company hosts an open mic night for musicians most Sunday nights at 6 p.m. and the Alabama Student Association for Poetry holds an open mic night that’s open to music, poetry and other talents on Wednesday nights at Monarch Espresso Bar. 

Binge-watch weekend

If there’s a show that you and your friends have just been dying to watch but haven’t had the time, making a weekend out of it could be a fun staycation. Pick a friend’s house, have each person bring some food and you’ve got a little binge-watch camp weekend. Some time can even be set aside to play a few trivia games about the show to reveal who’s been paying attention and who’s just there for the food. 

On-campus get together

Every full time student gets $325 in Dining Dollars each semester, so if you’re looking to hang out with friends and not spend the money in your wallet, swipe your Action Card instead. Hanging out in Lloyd, the Ferg or even on the Quad can sometimes be easier to arrange than meeting up off campus. 

Picnic in the park 

Getting away from campus can be nice, too, as summer starts to leave and the nice days of socializing outside are coming to an end. Grab some blankets, make some sandwiches and find a nice spot at any of Tuscaloosa’s public parks like Snow Hinton Park on Hargrove Road East. Purchasing a couple of small kites from the dollar store can also add another layer of fun to a friendly picnic.

A night in 

There’s nothing wrong with spending some time with friends at home. Put your phones away, gather together some board games, buy a cheap frozen dinner or pop some popcorn and enjoy each other’s company. 

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