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Music to her ears: Boswell perfects her shooting


Growing up, Alabama sophomore Abbie Boswell was not just a soccer player. She was a musician, someone who loved to practice and work on her singing voice from an early age. Music has always been a big portion of Boswell’s life.

“She loves to sing,” said her sophomore teammate, Emma Welch. “Sometimes we will have to tell her, ‘Abbie, you have been singing literally all day. It is time to calm down.’”

Boswell’s love for singing stemmed from her wanting to be active at all times. She wanted to be able to be involved in as many activities as possible, not just sports.

“I like to do a lot of things,” she said. “I used to play tennis, too. So there was a point where I was playing tennis a lot, and playing soccer a lot, and singing a lot. I love to paint, too. I’m strange in the way that I love to do a lot of different things.”

Boswell has provided versatility and offensive firepower to the Crimson Tide in the 2016 season. So far, she is tied for the most goals and assists on the season, and that kind of versatility is something that translates to her music career. She sings any and every type of music.

“She will sing opera one day, and a song from the radio the next,” Welch said. “Anything she hears before she comes to practice she will be belting out.”

Boswell started out at Ball State, where she was named MAC Freshman of the year, the first player from the Cardinals to do that. When she transferred to Alabama before this season, it took her a little bit of time to get used to a new school, but she believes being on the team helped her.

“It was a little hard, because it is something entirely new,” Boswell said. “It was pretty easy to adjust, actually. I don’t think there was anything that was like super hard. The team made it easier for me, because they welcomed me.”

At Alabama, Boswell works hard on both her music and athletics. She practices with a voice teacher and takes classes in music theory and also music production.

On the field, she is always working on making sure her shot is the best it can be, staying after practice and showing up early to work on different goal-scoring situations.

“She works on shooting,” Welch said. “Shooting, shooting and more shooting every time you see her. I’ll work on some other things, just because I play out wide. So I’ll be taking crosses and working on corners, and I’ll look over and she is shooting, and she is shooting in front of the goal, and then she will move it to a different place and shoot. It is constant repetition.”

Last season, Alabama struggled to score or create chances and score goals, only tallying 16 for the entire season. Players, such as Boswell and junior Lacey Clarida, have stepped up for the Crimson Tide. This year, the team’s offense has improved, already netting 24 goals halfway through the season.

Alabama coach Wes Hart said the addition of Boswell has been a large part of that.

“This year, we have been able to put some balls in the back of the net,” he said. “Abbie has been a big contributor with goals and assists. It has led to an overall team confidence.”

Scoring is not a calculated decision for Boswell. Much like her attitude, her preparation allows her to be laid-back in big situations when the ball falls to her feet.

Putting the ball in the back of the net has always been a simple task for her to complete.

“Usually I am not really thinking of anything,” Boswell said. “Usually I am just focusing on the moment and trying to relax so that I can get a good shot on the goal, and hopefully it goes in.”

Boswell’s play has stepped up, even in SEC play. In her four games with the Crimson Tide, she has had a goal or an assist in each matchup.

The consistent repetition and dedication have been a big contributor of Boswell’s success so far off the field, in both music and on the field for Alabama soccer. Hart believes her personality and commitment will make her a leader for not only the rest of this season, but for her career.

“It is a simple fact that she is a good person with good intentions,” Hart said. “She’s hard working and successful. I think those are natural characteristics or traits of a leader.”

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