Students call for Parish's expulsion

Students call for Parish's expulsion

Peter Pajor

Bryant Denny stadium is located in the heart of campus. CW File

Peyton Shepard

Upon the announcement of Ryan Parish’s suspension from The University of Alabama for threats made in the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook group, many students have expressed concern on social media over the University’s response, believing Parish should be expelled.  

The University’s policy on expulsion states that a judicial administrator must first determine that expulsion is the “appropriate sanction” before it is sent to the vice president for Student Affairs, who will then review the sanction with the University president.

The University has not released a statement on the judicial actions against Parish at this time. The Crimson White has reached out to University officials for further clarification.This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

UPDATE (10/5/16, 4:50 p.m.) 

The University issued the following statement regarding Parish’s suspension: “The university is following its process as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct available at The student has been subject to suspension pending further investigation pursuant to the code. Information related to sanctions, including expulsion and suspension are available in the Code of Conduct on page 12.”