Cyclists have a foldable alternative through Green Zone Bikes

Anna Kate Delevan

Students and travelers now have an alternative to leaving a bicycle out in the rain or chaining it outside of a building.

Green Zone Bikes, a company in Houston, TX specializes in bicycles that are easily portable and “travel-sized.” The bikes are affordable and lightweight, according to John Foster, media specialist for Solitaire Creative Services.

“A Green Zones folding bike is a great product for a traveler, college student, commuter or an individual with limited storage space,” said Foster. “Green Zone Bikes differ from regular riding bikes because they’re focused toward leisure riding, made from top quality components, are equipped for all age groups and they fold or set-up in 30 seconds or less!”

The concept behind the bicycles was developed by Alan Byers, owner of Green Zone, in 2001.

Foster said he wants to share with college students that Green Zone folding bikes are a convenient way to get around campus.

“If I rode a bike on campus, I would definitely use the Green Zone Bike instead of a regular bike,” said Katy Barhydt, a freshman majoring in nursing. Barhydt said she thinks the idea is “pretty cool.”

According to, there are currently two types of folding bikes available – folding tandem bikes, which seat two, and regular folding bikes, which seat one. They both feature a “comfortable black saddle” and have a suitable rider height of up to 6 feet and 2 inches tall. The bikes have a weight limit of 250 pounds per rider.

According to the website, Green Zone Bikes are currently only sold online in the United States.

A seven-speed folding bike sells for $159, as opposed to a regular mountain bike that sells for about $269. Shipping takes around five to seven days. The bikes are manufactured in China by “reputable” and “state of the art” factories.

One of the major concerns for cyclists at the University is theft. Ashley Tripp, a sophomore majoring in dance, said she finds it annoying to chain her bike up just to run into her dorm for a few minutes.

“I don’t want my bike to be stolen,” said Tripp. “But I think it would be super convenient that the Green Zone Bikes fold up, and I could keep it in my dorm room.” Tripp said she would consider buying a Green Zone Bike.