Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

The Crimson White

Ross an unsung offensive leader


Many people may not know his name, and unless you pay attention to the game when Alabama has a big lead, you may have never seen him play.

Despite not getting a start in his five years with the Crimson Tide, senior offensive lineman David Ross’s presence is definitely felt by the team.

“He is a leader on and off the field,” senior tight end Preston Dial said. “He’s not a guy who is in the starting five, but he is a guy we rely on. If [center William] Vlachos were to go down, we know he could come in a do a great job.”

Despite playing a limited role in Alabama’s offense, head coach Nick Saban has awarded Ross as the honorary captain for two of the Tide’s games this season. Ross said he is honored to be named a captain, and he tries to help the team in any way he can.

“I just think that it is something that reflects on some intangible things I can bring to the field,” Ross said. “Obviously I’m not being noted for what I am doing on the field as much as maybe on the sidelines and in the huddle during practice. I’m just trying to carry through some leadership values.”

In practice, Ross is someone who players look to for leadership. Dial, who was Ross’s former roommate, said that Ross shows leadership in everything he does.

“He’s just a guy that everybody respects,” Dial said. “He does things the right way. He’s a vocal leader and he leads with his actions, too.”

Since arriving at Alabama from Homewood High School, Ross has had high ambitions for helping the Tide. However, despite his lack of playing time, Ross said he doesn’t ever regret his decision to attend the University.

“I realized a long time ago I can only control what I can control,” Ross said. “I don’t ever question [coming to UA]. This is the place where I wanted to be. On the field and off the field, it was the right choice for me.”

Dareus and the Tiger

The last time Marcell Dareus visited LSU, he was a freshman. Terrance “Mount” Cody was just returning from an ankle injury and was to retake his spot from Dareus on the defensive line.

Though Dareus did not get as much playing time as he would have liked, he said he remembers the great atmosphere of Death Valley.

“It was so loud,” Dareus said. “You couldn’t hear yourself think too well. They’ve got crazy fans, and it is a good atmosphere. I liked it. It was fun.”

One thing Dareus said he remembers quite well is the live tiger LSU places outside the visiting teams locker room.

“Oh man, they put that tiger right by the locker room,” Dareus said. “I really didn’t pay no attention, but it got up and the cage started moving. When I looked at it I was jumping. That tiger, it scared the life out of me.”

When the imposing 300-pound defensive lineman was asked who would win between him and the tiger, Dareus said, “I’m pretty sure I’d be running for my life.”

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