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Band of the Week Q&A: Mr B & the Tribal Hoose on touring and style


Based in Nashville, Mr B & the Tribal Hoose is a seven-piece ensemble, each member from a different state, that mixes elements of hip hop, funk and rock into their music in order to create a wholly unique sound. We talked with band members Blake (Mr B) and Max ahead of their show at Green Bar tonight.

How long has Mr B and the Tribal hoose been playing as a group?

Max: We played our first show under that name about two and a half years ago, and then about a year and four months ago we kind of reformed the band. Same name, but we ultimately just reformed the band and took it in a different direction. A couple of us have always played under the name, but other than, that we got completely new musicians, so it’s just like what you see on stage completely changed.

How would you describe the band’s sound?

Max : Hoose. I often tell people it’s like a hip-hop/rock/jam band. A Phish, Notorious B.I.G. and Chili Peppers baby. That’s really just to put it into terms where people can kind of understand where we are coming from.

What kind of role do social media and new media play for the band?

Blake: It’s massive. It is our record label.

Max: It’s a different day and age where it can be super-DIY. Your fans are what is pushing you.

Socially and politically, what kind of content do you guys try to bring to the table?

Max: You know, I’d say we really look at music as kind of a time stamp. We released the first single for our next album before the election and it isn’t like we are a super political band, but at a time when the country is super political, we happen to write a song about it because that is what is happening in the world. Essentially, we are a voice for the people and Blake really tries to focus on saying what a lot of people don’t say, but they think.

What is your favorite thing when it comes to touring?

Blake: The coolest thing about going town to town is bringing the light. People have described our music as a light and we like bringing it to people. We want to bring people truths that they usually don’t get to hear. I don’t know, it’s just something we get almost every time when we tour- people coming up to us after and thanking us for bringing some realness.

Are there any covers that you particularly enjoy to play?

Max: We’ve actually been learning a lot of covers lately because we just recently got a residency at Acme Feed and Seed in downtown Nashville which kind of forced us to learn covers. Our cover game has pretty much always been on a medley. Probably about 50 percent medleys where we will just put a bunch of songs into one song and kind of make it flow. In that way, we play a bunch of covers and try to make them our own.

What about an original song that you really like to play live?

Max: Probably our song “Do Don’t Drugs.” There is a great line in it that says “You know you have to eat your school stay in drugs and don’t do vegetables.”

What kind of thing can the audience at Green Bar expect from the show?

Blake: Music for ADD people with short attention spans, but also some fat heady jams.

Mr B and the Tribal Hoose will be taking their unique act to Green Bar tonight. Tickets are $5 at Doors open at 8 p.m. with the show starting at 10:30 p.m.

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