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Six YouTubers' vlogs perfect for killing free time


The business of the past semester may have disallowed you the luxury of sitting down for 30 to 60 minutes to enjoy a television show on a consistent basis. Students are often on the run, too bogged down with assignments or too tired for additional screen time. Thankfully, the YouTube vlogging world picks up where Netflix leaves off.

It is far more manageable to fit a five to 10-minute vlog into a busy schedule than a 45-minute serial television episode. Here are six vlogs that are perfect for getting that quick stop episodic entertainment.

Casey Neistat

At this point, Casey Neistat is a public figure who is well-known among most tech savvy people. Any list of vloggers or YouTube stars would be incomplete without him. Neistat started his daily vlog in 2015 in order to promote his tech company, Beme. From there, Neistat used his filmmaking prowess to create a uniquely creative vlog style that has aided his meteoric rise to what is currently 6.9 million subscribers. Neistat’s vlogs typically consist of him skateboarding around New York City, breathtaking timelapses and Neistat building his company which was just recently bought by CNN. All of this happens while Neistat talks the audience through what is happening in his day. These moments give the vlog a personal touch that makes it the perfect blend of visual fun and personal investment.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carasu’s journey to making Sailing La Vagabonde as popular as it is today is truly something you’d see in a romance film. During a gig playing music in Australia for different bars and public venues, Elayna met Riley who at the time was working various jobs there to save up for a boat. After hanging out for a while, Riley asked Elayna to drop everything to go island hopping with him on his newly bought boat. Since then, the two have been vlogging their adventures sailing around the world on their boat together. Vlogging since 2014, they’re curated abundant content of themselves that is sure to delightfully fill in the small gaps in between busy days.

Steven Suptic

Out of all the vlogs on this list, this is the newest one. Steven Suptic was a member of the recently shut down media company, SourceFed. In order to take advantage of a bad situation, Suptic launched a daily vlog that follows the hijinks of him and his close friends. What makes Suptic’s vlogs so unique is the way in which they blur the line between what is real and what is scripted. Each episode is like a YouTube version of “Arrested Development,” and it is hysterical to watch.

Jon Olsson

The professional twin-tip skier and co-founder of the travel bag company “Douchebags,” Jon Olsson, is the epitome of a rich person doing rich person things on camera. However, watching the 34-year-old Swede riding in helicopters and doing business in his mansion in Monaco is entertaining, if a little jealousy-inducing. Olsson and his video team take advantage of their seemingly limitless budget by capturing beautiful 4k footage of whatever they may be doing in every single vlog. On top of that, Olsson’s personality is so energetic and enthusiastic, that it is very hard not to enjoy seeing documentation of his illustrious everyday life.

Sam and Niko

With hundreds of videos and over four million YouTube subscribers, Corridor Digital is a well-established YouTube powerhouse. They make light hearted parodies and some serious re-enactments of films and video games with all of the video quality and special effects of the things they are playing off of. Leading Corridor Digital are Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer. Every other day, Sam and Niko upload a vlog to a separate channel called “Sam and Niko.” In the vlogs are behind the scenes looks at how Sam and Niko make their videos for Corridor Digital and also everyday hijinks in their studio. This vlog is particularly interesting for tech and video-minded people, but can surely be enjoyed by anyone who likes well-made vlogs.


Shaun Todd McBride came to fame in the most contemporary of ways – through his Snapchat stories. McBride, better known by his online alias, Shonduras, began making creative drawings on his snapchat stories in 2014 which quickly vaulted him into internet stardom. Shonduras now, while still operating his Snapchat, runs a YouTube channel by the same name where he has a daily vlog series called “Best Days Ever” where he vlogs his life and work. Shonduras is a frequent collaborator with the aforementioned Casey Neistat. Shonduras’ vlogs share a very similar style to Neistat’s.

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