UA announces plan to increase minority inclusion in greek system

Elizabeth Elkin

The University announced it has developed an action plan to promote inclusion in the recruitment process for greek life on Friday, July 1.

A statement on the UA website said the plan clarifies expectations for all students and student organizations; establishes a clear and consistent process for reporting, investigating and responding to allegations of discriminatory conduct; implements appropriate training and education for those involved in the selection process; and works to provide a supportive, welcoming campus that is inclusive and free of racial tension.

According to the statement, the effort to diversify greek life began in 2013, after a student protest in the fall following the publishing of “The Final Barrier,” a story in The Crimson White alleging discrimination in the sorority recruitment process at the University.

The story went national, and within nine days of its publication, six minority students were accepted into the Panhellenic sorority system. Dozens more followed over the next year.

According to the release, since fall 2012, the percentage of minority students in the greek system has increased 91.5 percent. Over that time, the greek community has increased 31.1 percent.

“We are proud of the commitment and progress our student leaders and alumni have made over the last three years to increase diversity in the Greek community,” said David Grady, vice president for student affairs, in the release. “Our fraternity and sorority community is stronger as a result. We recognize this is a process that will take sustained focus and effort, and I am confident our student leaders will build upon the momentum generated over the last three years.”