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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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    Top Ten: Ways to Save Money

    With the year coming to an end and summer approaching fast, many students are looking forward to break and everything they plan to do. Whether it is concerts, vacation or just relaxing, there will come a time where money is going to be needed. Cutting little expenses out out now will help plenty in the long run.

    10. Make a Budget

    Understanding the amount of money coming in to your pocket and the amount leaving can provide a tangible idea of where money is going. If you have a nice Excel spreadsheet showing all your expenses, you’ll never again think “where did all the money go?”

    9. Never Grocery Shop When Hungry

    When hungry even items that particularly are not good tend to look appetizing. If in need of groceries, plan to go after a meal so the items you planned to purchase are the only ones that make it in the basket. This way you avoid those extra snacks or bags of candy.

    8. Eat Out Less

    Yes, McDonald’s has the 2 for $5 and Wendy’s has the 4 for $4, but over time those deals can add up. Consider purchasing groceries in bulk once, so they can last you a month’s time, instead of eating out here and there every night. Not only does this make pockets heavier, but it is healthier.

    7. Walk

    Walk whenever possible. Getting in your car to go to a class across campus should become a no go. Take the extra time to be ready early enough so that a nice walk through UA’s campus will not make you late. It’s a healthy alternative for yourself and the environment.

    6. Pay Your Bills

    Bills add up over time and it is important to pay them when they need to be paid. Late charges are pointless hassles that can easily be avoided and having good credit later in life is a must. Set reminders and mark a calendar when bills are due.

    5. Student Discounts

    Be mindful of stores and restaurants that have student discounts. There are many places that like to celebrate those getting an education. Whether they are discounted meals or clothes, any money saved will help.

    4. Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

    Buying a book that will only be used for a week is pointless. Search to find books in libraries or borrow from a friend. School supplies should also be taken into consideration; this is not high school where it was required to have everything on the school supply list.

    3. Sell Items

    Take time to go through your possessions and compile the items that are no longer being used. Put them on sites like eBay and Craigslist to try and make some extra cash. Another alternative is giving the items to those less fortunate.

    2. Thrift

    Expensive name-brand items can drain bank accounts without any remorse. For basic clothing items or other everyday items, go to a local thrift shop. These stores often have retro items that can not be found anymore and will stand out more than anything available nowadays.

    1. GO TO CLASS

    If class is not high on the to do list, then college might not be the right choice. Not going to class is wasting more money than any of the other vices college brings. Take a look at the amount of money being spent for a college education and realize the money you throw out each time you skip school.

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