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    Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for Summer


    With spring break over and April and May rapidly approaching, it’s time to look ahead to summer. It’s definitely time to put away the sweaters and hot cocoa. Don’t get caught off guard as time flies–start preparing now, and you’ll keep it cool when the weather heats up. 

    1. Get healthy

    Working out and making healthy choices can be difficult in school. With summer around the corner, you have an incentive to ditch the indoors and get moving! Take a break from being bundled up inside and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. Try making one healthy change at a time for maximum impact with minimum effort.

    2. Start Packing

    If you live on campus or are moving home for the summer, pack a little each week so you’re ready to hit the road on move out day. This is a great way to avoid leaving things behind, and it makes it much easier to be organized. Start with your winter clothes and move on from there!

    3. Go Swimsuit Shopping

    It’s finally time to daydream about sandy beaches and days at the pool. Head to the mall and splurge on some new swim wear to help you beat the heat. Look online for deals and coupons to go easy on your wallet, and have colors and styles you like in mind.

    4. Start Saving for A(nother) Vacation

    Now that spring break is over, start planning a big end of summer trip, even if it’s a stay-cation. Save a little money each week so you can have some fun before you go back to school in style! Look into dates in the late summer—they’re less expensive, and it gives you more time to save up.

    5. Get a Tan

    Ok, so in good conscience I can’t tell you to go lay out in the sun for hours without sunscreen—hello, skin cancer. But the good news is that fake tanning is getting better and better, so you can rock a bronzed look without the damage to your skin. Grab some gradual bronzing lotion or treat yourself to a professional spray tan to get that pre-summer glow.

    6. Start Studying for Finals

    It’s late March, so if you want to get a jump on your great grades, now is your chance! Avoid procrastinating and ease yourself into the material you need to know for your finals. This way you’re sure to recall more of the information and be less stressed going into the test. Be organized and ask for help if you need it-your professors will be impressed with your efforts!

    7. Drink More Water

    It’s time—the temperatures are climbing, and the humidity will skyrocket. Before you know it, all of us will be sweating like crazy going from class to class. Ditch you usual Starbucks coffee for a tall glass of iced water—it revs up your metabolism, can increase alertness, and keeps you hydrated. This is essential, especially for those who are staying in the South over the summer!

    8. Revamp Your Wardrobe

    Dig into your spring and summer clothes and give some pieces away. There are several shops like Plato’s closet where you can sell some clothes for money or store credit—who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite outfit! If you have a big enough closet already, just pick out some older, gently used pieces and give them away to clear up some space.

    9. Do Some Spring Cleaning

    Cut out the clutter and sift through the accumulated room layers we built up during winter. Take a big trash bag and go through your favorite spaces, tossing everything you haven’t used in the past month or two. Roomier spaces can ease stress and refresh your mind—maybe you’ll even get inspired to redecorate for a change in scenery!

    10. Get a Job

    What better way to prepare for summer than making some cash? Look up open positions and start interviewing. Never wait until classes are out to go job hunting—get ahead and start now. Take the extra time, if you can, and find something you’ll like—such as life-guarding or childcare.

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