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Lill did: Lillian Roth elected SGA president for 2016-2017


Chants of “Lill Will” filled the living room of Chi Omega Tuesday night after Lillian Roth, a sophomore majoring in political science and public relations, found out she won the SGA presidential election, taking in 53.87% of the 13,751 votes cast.

Roth’s campaign members, sorority sisters, family, friends and supporters jumped, cheered, hugged and congratulated one another as they burst with excitement upon hearing the news.

Michelle Roth, Roth’s mother said she was proud of Roth and she would’ve felt that way regardless of the turnout. Michelle Roth described Roth as a “great girl” who “has it together.”

“I’m thrilled for the University,” Michelle said. “That girl can get it done.”

Members of Roth’s campaign attribute the win to their passion, cohesion and determination throughout the campaign.

“We couldn’t slack off for one day, let up or get comfortable,” said Roth, who felt that she and her campaign team worked tirelessly throughout.

Branden Greenberg, senior political science major and Roth’s campaign manager agreed, saying that the collective unit the campaign had was “remarkable” and that he was very satisfied with the ground work they put in on Tuesday.

Roth described her win as exciting and surreal, admitting that when she received the call from Kelli Knox-Hall, a non-voting staff member and convenor of the Elections Board, she thought she was getting bad news because Knox-Hall talked for so long before letting Roth know she won.

“This win means a lot to me,” Roth said.

She said she is humbled to serve the students of a school that she loves so much for its excitement and school spirit.

“Being on campus tomorrow will be very exciting and very busy,” Roth said. “I hope to put my programs into action right off the bat.”

Typically a junior wins the election for SGA president, and Roth is proud to have won as a sophomore.

“It proves to the student body that there isn’t a set checklist [to be SGA president],” Roth said.

Roth’s campaign revolved around the idea of campus unity and according to Sean Ross, senior political science major and campaign advisor, this isn’t just rhetoric.

Mary Helen Hardy, sophomore marketing and political science major agreed.

“I believe there will be 100 percent follow through because I know how much passion Roth has for what she does,” Hardy said.

Katie Plott, senior finance and economics major was involved in the campaign as well. She understands that when a candidate says they want to bring unity voters are like “Ok, but really, what do you want to do?” since that is a common theme in many political realms.

Plott said that this not a façade, but that Roth really wants to unite people, adding that her joy is contagious.

“UA will be better [with Roth as president],” Plott said. “I just wish I could stay another year to see all the great things she will do.”

Greenberg feels Roth’s campaign was well-received because he said their team worked hard to have a positive campaign.

“We wanted to run an ethical, transparent, positive campaign,” Greenberg said.

Roth said she is proud of the other presidential candidates, saying they did a great job with their campaigns as well.

She also expressed her gratitude to all of her supporters, saying that her favorite part of this experience was meeting with different students across campus, hearing their ideas and sharing hers.

“I’m very honored to have gotten the support of students,” Roth said.

Following the win Roth refused to comment on whether or not she was backed by The Machine.

Mollie Gillis, sophomore political science and American studies major, deputy campaign manager said she couldn’t be happier for Roth.

“Campus was ready for a girl [SGA president],” Gillis said. “Not only a girl, but the girl. Roth is the girl.”

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