Patrick Fitzgerald 'wouldn't have done anything differently' in SGA loss


Patrick Fitzgerald and his crew check SGA results. CW | Jonathan Daniels

Will Jones

When news broke via Twitter that Lillian Roth had been elected SGA president, the large dining hall at Alpha Tau Omega fell silent. Multiple members of Patrick Fitzgerald’s campaign frantically grabbed their phones or laptops to check results.

Eventually, the Fitzgerald campaign had their confirmation: Roth had received 53.87 percent of the 13,751 votes cast.

Heartbroken, dejected, Fitzgerald hugged supporters and campaign members and thanked them for their support through his two-week campaign. After seeing the results, Fitzgerald said from he wishes president-elect Roth well, and he hopes to be able to assist the Roth administration.

“Honestly, what I’m incredibly proud of, is seeing the way the Capstone Coalition came together in just a small amount of time… It’s only something that’s existed for a matter of like seven months,” Fitzgerald said. “I want to keep doing anything I can to give advice and look out for some of these young people coming through because I still want to see this campus progress.”

Fitzgerald remarked that if given the opportunity, he would not change anything about his campaign.

“We wouldn’t have done anything differently,” Fitzgerald said.

When asked what he would say to president-elect Roth, Fitzgerald said, “If I could give any kind of advice, it would be to take this opportunity to not just celebrate with friends, but to really go out in the communities that, you know, maybe didn’t support her, and work with them and try to understand what they’re talking about.”